Sunday, March 16, 2008

Loving the rain/ Loving the season

This is supposed to be March,but it's raining for 3days like monsoon! Mom suspects the global warming phenomenon. But I think it's the music my friend compiled for me (most of the songs have a rain feel). The first time I play the songs, the climate was hot, and by night it's actually raining! Call me weird, but I listen to every song in the folder, and it rains a lot! really a lot! So just to make sure, I'm not listening to 'em today. Just to see if it will rain even then!
Hey,that doesn't mean I hate rain! Quite the opposite!! Y'day evening it rained pretty much, so I stepped out and got drenched. Beautiful feeling, just to stay outside,letting the rain wash your face, forgetting that there are nosy neighbours who might be thinking am mad.. Let them! Friends think it's a gloomy season, but me? Beautiful! Not intended that I'm not interested in summers. Happy season,all golden and mellow in January and February.

Anyways, weekends tend to be boring nowadays, so I thought I'd just post another poem of mine. This one was published in last year's college magazine. I dunno if it's worth even trash, but I'll wait for feedback! Here goes!

The Last Burning
How come I can smile,
When my heart breaks?
How come I am laughing,
Even as I listen to my hopes shattering?
How is it I am brave enough
To keep my tears hidden and unshed?
Why is it, that though I can barely breathe
I am trying to move on?
What keeps me going
Even as my dreams fall apart?
How come I'm still alive
When you and your words have killed me?
Why do I pretend nothing has happened,
When there's nothing left anymore in me?
Why did I behave like doing fine,
When I was actually spending sleepless nights?
Why am I still addicted to you,
Though I know you don't care for me?
Why do I want you more than ever,
When you bring pain sharper than before?
Why do I dream of you as mine,
When the truth is more or less contrary?
Why did I love you till my heart broke?
Why did I let myself stray into this?
Why do I still love you this way?
When all you did was make me lost.
I began to fade and retreat.
Now just a dead soul in a living shell.
I knew when I bade you goodbye
I wanted you to remain/stay.
Why am I trying to live,
When you are trying to leave?
Why did I stay back and go through all this
When it had been easier to run?
Why am I asking all these questions,
Why so,
When the last breath of my life is going out...
Hey, I'm not at all heart broken,ok? I'm telling you this right now, 'cos once this poem got published I'd the whole college asking me who my affair gone bad was?
No one! This piece is only a figment of fertile imagination. Cheers!


J said... too luv d the list of the songs in the CD...let me try it out as

never knew that u r soooooo gud at poetry...beautiful lines...each and every line actually makes u stop and feel it....

fertile imagination....u bet!!!!

Kriti said...

beutiful.. definitley proves ur mettle as a writer n a poestess wen u can imagine all that without going thru it..
but then.. i guess, u might hav seen enuf of 'shattered souls' around u..

Kriti said...

by the way, loved your blog.. blogrolled you!

Azra Raphael said...

wow! can't believe i'm THIS good as to be blogrolled! u r right, i have seen enuf broken hearts to understand feelings.

Kriti said...

well... why not??

The Wanderer said...

dont have words to describe what u have written.. plain and simple.. yet..

Kk said...

i think this is the best peom i read. just can't explain how beautiful it is.

btw I live in wadi kabir

Azra Raphael said...

cool! i lived in wadi kabir too-