Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Feet Part 2

Some people think I'm missing college because I'm missing my books(or something of the sort). Wrong!Firstly because I don't read anything when I'm at college. I wished to be back at college because of my friends. And immobility because of recurrent hartals wasn't helping things either. So when I finally set foot outside my home, I was taking in a fresh breath of liberty. Wonder why people like being cooped up at home, when they can have a riot at college or school..
Everyone pities the burn on my hand, but pitied more the fact that I burnt five yummy mussels!
At college, just one hour class. Rest we loaf. First two hours withVinaya and Vaikhari in the computer lab. Vinaya meddled with Bigadda ("too colorful and confusing,yaar"), then she read my blog. I got hit for writing that her feet sucks. Awkay.... I take that back. Instead, I'll say this," Vinaya's feet aren't actually that bad. They just looked un-good in the snaps..

Dusk began a blog. "Girl with chocolate complexion". Yet to read.

After lunch, Vinaya,Namitha,Ragitha and myself are sitting under the big trees. Singing and then we became ummm..serious. Yup. You heard right. For those who know us, this comes as a shock. But, anyways..we talked about death,suicide, being practical in romantic issues..blah blah. And of course, the current volatile situation around here.

Out and about. I'm hoping for some good music tomorrow. We'll see. Dunno what went into me, but I was shelling a lot of money today evening. Lent money to a buddy, knowing that I wouldn't be seeing it back. Then bought smoothies for myself,Namitha and Ragitha. Got too late, so we run. Down the same path I wrote about light years ago [Happy Feet]. We three take off our footwear, run ,run,run! That was fun and silly. Mainly because we 3 had inferiority complex about the way we run. We feel oh so awkard dearies! Namitha quipped," wonder how we'll get through a 100 mtr race?"

Then it's back home, in front of my blog.
P.S- Vinaya, you'd better know; plus the others. I'm not gonna write about you again if you go on reading without commenting! Now that's a threat!


J said...

why do gals hav all the

inferiority complex abt the way u run.....take sum lessons frm Pheobe (FRIENDS)...[:)]

nice one....

as fr ma doesn't really matter....


Azra Raphael said...

guess we really ought to take lessons from phoebe! but remember rachel tried running a-la-phoebe and hit the pole and fell flat!
high time gals have all the fun!

J said...