Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Music rules the day

One helluva of a day!The whole day was ruled by music. Which means, I'm in excellent spirit! The ear-worm( you never heard of it? Not a real worm, you just keep hearing music ;in your mind]
Heart breaker! I'm addicted to you!
Only bad part was, my travel-sore legs! And no wonder, me and Namitha were all over the college today.[Everywhere except the classroom!] Just one hour class main. The rest four hours straight ****** !! Which made Namitha and me look at each other and question,"Is this why we come to college?" But we already know the answer too. Yep! Which also means that along with playing around we had to do the ostrich quite a number of times, since we can't halt at one place for more than 15 minutes.
I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life
Ha ha! Funny part was when we were all lounging around the sugar junction, windy spot. Bam! The 2 teachers of our morning classes pop up! Whoops!!!! Everyone runs for cover, I end up taking shelter beneath my umbrella. Umbrella-ay-ay-ay[It's a sunny day, so makes sense] I turned away and came face to face with a very amused Nezer. Ended up talking about music,music, music and social online networking, blah-blah.He had loaded my pen drive keeping in mind that I'm craaaazy about rain.So most of the music has a rain feel to 'em. Which explains Rihanna's "Umbrella".
How can you see into my eyes, like open doors
By which time, danger is past. The commerce students have the toughest time at my college. All their subjects are non-bunkables. Of course, according to me and my gal-pals there's no class that is a no-bunkable.[Wink!] But if these people bunk, its major sin. We really pity their case. So they run outside for fresh air, whenever they get even a nano-second breather! We were like that last year. Actually, we were the ones who began the running-away when-you-get-a-breather-thing in our class.
Talked about whether I actually study with the music playing. Definitely! As long as what I'm learning is English,though. Hindi is way too tough to handle. Anyway, I need to read the text books first, requires all of my concentration. But if its English, I can sing and work at the same time. When I'm studying I need lots of music and lots of food. Dunno how exam season turns me into a foodie. I pig like anything, when exams are around. Makes everyone happy, since I'm anorexic-looking thin.
Sweet escape
Vaikhari and I had a li'l chat on bonding. But that gets me thinking.Between me and each of my friend, what colours the bond? Music plays a big role. Which is why, even the generation gap exists. How many times have I had arguments with my parents on the topic of music? I know there are many others with the same problem. Even my friends don't seem to understand why I'm so into hard rock. For example, once Vinaya was having a chat with her friend on the phone. He was probably listening to some rock, 'cos I hear her asking," what's all that noise? what? it's music? You call that music???" See? That's how it is around here.

The whole day, I'm teaching Vaikhari Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape". It's fast to take in, but sweet! I know she will make faces when she sees that I'm blogging of how I taught her the song. She will have her day out when she's tries teaching me Tamil songs! It's even, y'see!

Problems brewing between Flirt and Fling. Flirt wants to call quits from the relationship. But Fling is giving her a bad time. Seems like she will have a difficult time trying to get rid of him!

Evening and am in town. Had to do some shopping for moi mom. Thankfully, I had company. Thanzeela was very interested in knowing about our bunk adventures. At the end of the story, she's like," We commerce students have heard about bunk. But it's like something, we'll never get to experience!" Gee, were things that bad?
----In the middle of this sweltering midnight,{I wrote this post March 12 late night} it R.A.I.N.S!!!! Beautiful!---------- So, I stopped everything, listened to the rain for a long-long time, then its bed-time.
I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain....

**The italics are the songs I basically sang all through the day.


Unknown said...

Aashu ur blog has our beautiful days that we spend togeher. so keep on bloging

Azra Raphael said...

thanks di!