Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tagged;My first TAG!

Finally. Now I'm really gonna get done with this thing.
But tags are so cute that I never feel like finishing them! ;)
Anyways,here goes_Get ready for some madness. I tweaked the original tag,added some more stuff.
Four schools/colleges I studied:
1.Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir-the beginning of education.So many memories and friends left behind..
2.Indian School Darsait-same goes for this place.
3.Jawaharlal Nehru Higher Secondary School-The place where I found my true rebel nature. I had give anything,ANYTHING to go back there,sit with my batch,be there for eternity. 4.Government Brennen College-this saga will end only next year.But its a beautiful world.A planet by its own right.

Four T.V shows I love:
1.F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Obviously the best show I ever watched.THE BEST AND FUNNIEST!
2.Malcolm in the Middle- Crazy
3.That 70's Show- Damn goofy!
4.Roadies 4.0- The best roadies yet.They had Bani! 5.0 doesn't seem so exciting as rather pretending.

Four movies I would watch on till end of time:(Indian)
1.Rang De Basanti- Awestruck. No words for this fabulous piece of work. I can still feel it in me;the patriotism,the friendship,sacrifice. Wow.
2.Chak de! India- Probably the ONLY Bolly movie that's REALLY about women empowerment. Real good stuff.
3.Taare Zameen Par- Awww..I cried all of me out, felt all the emotions Ishaan felt. Beautiful work Aamir Khan.
4.Iqbal & Monsoon Wedding- Sorry for squeezing in two movies.But kya karti? I just loved 'em all!AND Khosla ka Ghosla.
P.S-There are these two Malayalam movies of great quality that I'd recommend to all:
Kazhcha and Achuvinde Amma.The former one is of a Gujarat earthquake victim who ends up in Kerala. The latter is the beautiful relationship btw a single mom and her daughter.Lovely!

Four foreign movies I loved:
1.Children of Heaven(Irani)- Directed by Majid Majidi, I watched it at my college film fest. A must watch for all. If you don't go watch it,then...Mph!
2.Bend it like Beckham- How come Gurinder Chaddha of the critically acclaimed "Bend it.." went on to make the dismal "Bride and Prejudice", is a riddle that still amazes me! Great movie. I really felt like going out to conquer the world after watching it!
3.Pride and Prejudice- Honest, I have watched this movie(2005 version,directed by Joe Wright,starring my darling Keira Knightley) more than hundred times. Still, I'm never bored of it! The romance just grows! I have the dvd with me!
4.In Her Shoes- All about two sisters' relationship. From hate to deep love. I'm especially moved by the "I carry your heart" part.

Four books I can't get outta my head:
1.Pride and Prejudice- really,really changed my romantic ideas.
2.Queen's Confession- I could remember a lot of it even long after the actual read. Totally changed my perceptions of the French revolution.Mind you, I'm crazy about history, the grand civilisations, the revolutions that changed the world.
3.God of Small Things- Haunting,chilling..Me and my girlfriends couldn't talk about anything else than that for weeks on end.
4.Wuthering Heights- Passionate. I loved Heathcliff. Mindblowing.

Four non-fiction books:
1.Freedom at Midnight- Must read for every Indian.
2.Clandestine in Chile- Wow, the things one will do for their nation's freedom!
3.(malayalam-forgot the book's name;memoirs of a Regional Cancer Center's oncologist)- Stories of cancer victims. Survivors and the not-so-lucky's. Hurts a lot. you realise how lucky you are.
4.Emotional Intelligence-Changed the way I think for ever

Four places I've been to:
1.Muscat- .The place where my heart is.Where modern blends gracefully with tradition.Not so western and busy as Dubai;not yet. serene,green and urban.
2.Tirupur- In Tamil Nadu, some hours away from Ooty. I've been there a couple of times.
3.Bombay- Once in my childhood.
4.Places my head dreamt up!-

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1.At my college!

Four of my favourite dishes:
1.Parathas and Butter Chicken
2.Chole Bathoore
3.The very yummy Aloo Gobi

Four things I can cook:
1.Every kind of veggie salad;I can cook 'em to perfection!
2.Charred chapathis!(but sometimes I can really make 'em tasty!)

Four websites I frequent:
3.orkut and minglebox and librarything and blogger

Four people I'm tagging:(for not commenting to my posts!)
1.Dad- I know he loves what I do here,but daddykins never comments in here!
2.My offbeat pack-They laugh their heads off after reading my intepretation of our doings,but never puts in comments!
3.Ishamel-Our rival in the debates,but first of all,a good buddy.Not commenting to my scathing report on our debate final!
4.Anyone else who somehow liked my posts but doesn't comment!

Four crushes currently:
1.One-Too brilliant for lesser mortals like me.
2.Sirius Black-Ouch! I cried so much when he died in the book!
3.Johnny Depp-Just one word, W.O.W
4-Atif Aslam-Need I say anything?

Four gifts I'd love to recieve:(sorry that I sound so shallow!)
1.An i Pod
2.Digital camera
3.The books in my personal wish list.
4.A trip around the world!


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