Saturday, March 8, 2008

Messing in the kitchen and garden

Grounded for 4 days now,along with a sunday. Makes it 5 days straight at home. Lousy week! Mother's trying to make the most out of it by (trying) to teach me cooking dishes. That went on smoothly with some spats and all. Trouble is,once I have prepared a curry or whateva, mom will shoot questions about how it was made and blah blah. Wacky time I'm having! But I hadn't burnt anything until last night. Yesternight I burnt the special sea food dinner and my left wrist. Hey! You're not supposed to sit mum now. You're supposed to say,"Oh my darling, poor you. Does it hurt?" That's much better! I love being pampered and spoilt! Anyway,just a black scar left now.

Apart from messing in the kitchen, I water mom's beloved plants and trees. See? I'm very caring and mature! But I'll leave that to you to decide. I'm not at all patient and thus not at all a garden person. But being a day dreamer helps! It means I spend quality time with the plants! Oh, and music is very important. Raphael functions on music!
In between, I so hate the summer locusts. They make me jump outta my skin. Creepy! And once this chamaleon darts at me at an alarming speed. I almost screamed. Phew! Think its funny? ITS NOT!!!
But I love the cute black butterfly that persisted flitting near me when I was out and about in the garden.


Pirate Phoenix said...

Cooking? That sounds... awful. I'd rather be the "Eater" than the "Maker". Too much work for my lazy bones. =D

But, good luck to ya!

Azra Raphael said...

He he,im like that too! But once in a while,mom feels the need to make me work! poor me!