Monday, May 5, 2008

Hindi ordeal Part I over. Bike rides. Yeah!!!!!

Gee, I've been away for a while,thanks to my great exams. Today's exam could have spelt disaster, but I was lucky. We had a hartal around this place (as always), my exam wasn't about to be postponed, and I live far way from my college. Great. Just so great. I move to my dad's place,which is much more near to my college, cousin drops me and picks me up from my exam... on his bike! Yeah!! After all these months of whining, (mebbe even years), that I never get a bike ride, today is THE DAY! And he's being nice enough to speed up and it's an almost deserted road. Wondehful!

As for the exam? Um.. can we talk about something else?

Not that it was that bad, but I really really very very much hate post-exam discussions. To h*** with discussions that don't help me at all, on the sad side actually make me feel worser than i felt after handing over the paper. After the exam, everyon was bitching about the examiner who snatched a.wayyy our papers when we could still spot mistakes which we could undo.

I snap pictures on the phone. KS has set the shutter sound to something pretty weird. Instead of that usual snap, we all hear a kind of gurgle. Ma-a-a-a-d!

Lemme talk about the bike ride! Wow---- I had actually forgotten the thrill of bike rides. Wind rushing at you, flying against the wind, that furious speed, that open feeling. You don't get that feeling in cars. ok, I exclude hummers and convertibles. Forget it, just let me be! lurved te ride yaar. Guess I need to get one soon.

A lot of good music.

Can't believe I'm yet to check my main! Tomorrow's my main paper. Gak!

I loved the A.R Rahman's new album, Aamir Khan's debutant nephew's movie "Jaane tu ya jaane na". Plus "Tashan" by my next favourite composers-yup! Vishal-Shekhar! Plus Jal's song featuring Amrita Rao. Very hep.

Priyadarshan on the roll again. Malayalam movie "Ishtam" ,where son wants to get his dad --um,I forget the name of the Hindi-yet-to-be-released. But you will understand once you see the trailer. The malayalam version was very feel-good.

Doncha think I'm overdoing this post?

Doncha think I should go and check my notes?

I think so too.

---------Oh I almost forgot to tell you of the Friends episode I watched today. Me and Aisha. She had already watched this episode. Can't believe Im missed it! This is just so damn funny!

Charlie gets back with her ex-boyfriend,ditching Ross. Phobe gives a very reluctant Monica Gladys, which is actually an ugly doll poking face out of a painting. Magnificent! And Joey gets Chandler to wear blue lipstick and say," I'm a pretty girl". I had tear in my eyes with laughing. Wonderful, this whole day was so nice.

I'll leave you to find that episode or whatever you might wanna do (apart from waiting for my next update. Tee-hee! [I'm sounding like a humungous big head, which I'm NOT,positively NOT.]

Nishi, I'm doing your tag first thing day after tomorrow.
-Till then, wish me luck for my tomorrow's exam.

ps-watched "Teen Diva" on mtv. This one too, with Aisha. Watching tv with friends or cousins is million times better than watching tv alone. To which undoubtedly,all people will agree.


Mohua said...

evn i luv bike rides.... n esp wen u r drivin against d wind...

1 rule dat i hav been followin since my school days... NEVER discuss papers aftr d exams... cool update...

Anonymous said...

same here!