Monday, May 26, 2008

Mere cousin ki shaadi hain, so we're partying!

Weddings are always fun in my family. More so for me because this time it was a favourite cousin. Unlike the way it is in most cultures, in mine,[ or I guess more correct, in my joint family,] weddings are not just a ritual. Its more of a fun time and never get over with the "tying of the knot". Nah. Here, its more like a week-long party-time extravaganza. More of strengthening of family ties. Don't think that I'm this family lover. In fact,I hate having to attend any wedding that's not my immediate family or friend.

It's more like you see in Ekta Kapoor serials. Not much drama, but lots of masti, many pranks, "ragging the bride/groom", wedding songs, and many many tiring rituals. Bringing the groom home, then going to bride's home. Going to groom's home. Groom's ppl come home. Blah blah.

This time around, I was in the role of photographer too. I can't sing well. the only wedding where I sang was Zubeen's. Then my cousin tells me how weird I sounded. So I stopped and began cheering instead. Clapping and all. Aisha and me are like the cheer-leaders. Kind of. But we are in very decent clothes and we don't shake bon-bons and don't dance. Doh! So this time around I was cheering AND snapping pictures.
Night times are lively and we all end up talking till morning and then barely have energy for the wedding.
More happiness this time because my ex-dietitian cousin gets engaged!! He makes more of a fun brother than a dietician, [I'm not sure what's the real spelling]I say. I mean, yeah, he gives all the perfect tips to fatten up, but failed in his job, 'cos I was too lazy and used to my eating habits to change 'em. His fiance's name triggers a lot of jokes 'cos the her pet name sounds like "fuzzy". *chuckle!
And everyone tries pushing their luck in getting Chronic Bachelor married off. But to no avail. I just hope he brings some change and marries some Lebanon (they're supposedly the most beautiful looking women)

In between all this hulchul, I get an opportunity to work for the local govtal web portal. Me and my pals have been to a meeting. Let's hope it all comes out positive. I really want some experience in the writing fore. After the meeting, we 3 do some tiny shopping and eat out. Tasty, but messy.

p.s- I really really hate the way brides are made to wear heavy jewellery and supposed to grin and bear it throughout the day.

I can see more parties in my life coming up!!


Anonymous said...

thats wrong... u reminded me of my cousin's wedding a yr ago... hw much fun v had dancing (only non- couple ball dance) n karaoke... nw m aftr my sis to marry so dat i cn again hav some more fun... m sure she's gonna kill me for this... lolz...
gud u had so much of fun... wud luv to c some of d pics dat u clicked... n it is deitician(i hope so too)
d best part abt family weddings r "week long extravaganza", "strenthening of family ties" n planning of nxt wedding evn if d present one isnt over... actually d ragging part is d best of all...

Azra Raphael said...

guess i will mail u some of the pics!

Anonymous said...

New to your blog so,pardon for late reply.

You have described the wedding scene aptly. I love indian marriages, cause they are more like a fest as you said.

It will be great to see some of the pic from the "makeshift" photographer.

Azra Raphael said...


I will try to put some in.
I did put one in Orkut where some of my cousins tried to capture my shot at the same time as me trying to capture their shot

Anonymous said...

You have discussed well on indian shaadi. i had been to times of shaadi but they dont seem to have videos yet. look forwards to ur pics