Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trailer reviewing (for a change)

Guess I will begin my Trailer-Review section from this post. I'll do one every fortnight, what say?

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na- Apart from the soft-satire in the first promo and the second song "Pappu", the movie seems like a very cute college romance. And the song "Aditi"? I'm head over heels in love with it! After all A.R.R is behind it nah? And when I heard the whole of it, its just so damn cute and the lyrics are so touching and consoling. Aditi will definitely be smiling by the end of it too! Debutant Imran Khan, or more famous as nephew of Amir Khan is very much a next-door-boy. And Genelia looks just cute, though I hated her prom dress and hair in the song "Pappu". This is one movie I'm hoping will do good in the box office.

Kismet Connection- Looks cute. But whenever I see this promo, na jaane kyon, I'm unconsciously thinking of Lindsay Lohan's "Just my Luck". Is it just me or is this movie related to that one?

Haal-e-Dil- Who gave all of them 3 the chance to work in movies?? Most probably star kids or something. Amrita Pathak, the debutant actress needs a lot of toning down. Fatty!
Music seems nice. But that doesn't stop me from switching channels. I prefer "Aditi" to the whole of Haal-e-Dil.

Love Story 2050- Yet another new face. But Harman Baweja looks and dances like Hrithik. Too bad. The first song out, Milo na milo? Catchy music, though something tells me I've heard something of the kind before. Futuristic, set in 2050, it could either be superb or fail disastrously. We'll see!

Mere Baap Pehle Aap- It's beyond even high time that someone banned Priyadarshan from copying stories from other people. This one already came out in Malayalam years ago. Son tries to get single dad married, blah blah. Genelia as the love interest (don't ask me whose, the film makers don't seem too sure either), apart from that the usual Priyadarshan favourites.

Hastey Hastey- Sick, plain sick. The girl (whoever she is) is looking her like some weird cat woman. This is 100% flop. Bleargh. I just hated the music as well.

Woodstock Villa- ahem- Can I say, "pass, next question?" Music ain't that bad. I actually kinda liked the "Kyon" song by Aryans. And another romantic song. The debutant is a star kid. And he looks wild, in the sense that he looks beastly.

Summer 2007- I think its about a bunch of young medical students. And the Woodstock Villa guy looks sudhra hua and nicer in this.

Aamir- starring debutant Rajeev Khandelwal. He definitely doesn't need an intro. Just ask any girl. He he! He's cute. And is running all through the promo. There's this nice, sufi sort of song called "Mehfuz". Hmmm.
[I heard he gave Aamna Sharrif a special screening. Just her. AND they still say they're just good friends? Whatever.]

Sarkar Raj- Since I haven't watched the first one, I can't really say much. Bacchan Senior, Bacchan Junior and Bacchan daughter-in-law. You figure out if it's nice or not. Like any other RGV movie, lots of darkness and silence. You will be stumbling across the theatre. Hah!

Khushboo- It's raining new faces cats and dogs. The 2 new ones in this movie are lookin so boringly um, boring! Boring music by Adnan Sami to complement the movie. Adnan? What's goin' on? Music is ur strong point. Not here though.
I especially hated the violet lipstick the heroine wears in one song. Urgh

Zindagi tere naam- Sorry, but I couldn't really make out if the actor and actress are newbies or not, 'cos they were all over each other all the time. The songs are pretty okay.

De Taali- Hi5 for this one. Hip, happy movie from the looks of it. All abt friendship I think. Vishal-Sekhar duo gives some good music. And hey! remember Raja the finalist from SaReGaMaPa 2007? He's singing a folk song in the movie!! Cheers!! But I liked Vishal-Sekhar's Tashan music tremendously over this one. Love you Ayesha, no matter how much Vinaya hates you. For one reason, you still have stood by your principle of not to shed clothes, which is very difficult in Bolly, where you see more skin than clothes.

Thoda pyaar, thoda magic- OBviously, it has a happy ending. Hm. Passably good music.

At third spot is Mission Istanbul. I hated the trailer. Stupid. Actors with women draping them in a stupid song. Thumbs down for this one.
Mehbooba- Outdated, old actors, boring music. Good combo for bad movie.
JIMMY- The director probably had lost a bet and had agreed to make this movie. I can't see any other reason how this waste of celluloid came into being. Outdated, with an actor whose face is enough to make people wanna go home. Naff. Why do they make movies which are sure not to have a chance to survive even the first hour of the first day first show????

My choice from the pop albums:
Strings any day. They are just making so cool music everytime. Rock like the Strings do. And I can never have enough of their earlier song, "Duur". Beautiful and striking.


Anonymous said...

Well, out of all these movies, I'm looking forward to Love Story 2050..its boolywood's first sci-fi movie &being a typical bollywood fan, I'm really excited...

Azra Raphael said...

sci fi's r fun. and i really hope this one's better than that mega flop krrish.

Mohua said...

of all d above listed movies, m jus lukin frwd to jaane tu... (its actually a very cutie pie flick) n de taali(wrth watchin wid frnds) n sarkar raj... other than these none worth wasting a single penny.. i recently watchd d preview of roadside romeo... its too good i tell u!!!

Mohua said...

btw priyanka n harman's look in luv story 2050 arnt "super special" or nythng... nt wrth d hoo- hallah!!!

Azra Raphael said...

u saw her flaming red hair in that movie?
my God, jaw droppingly fake!

roadside romeo?
havnt heard of it..

our tastes r very similar, me too waiting for de taali and the cutesy jaane tu..

Mohua said...

hey do u kno priyanka's red hairdo is coloured, as against d wig wich i thot she must b wearing... she evn has a robot cald "boo"... n thats cute...

Anonymous said...

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