Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chetan Bhagat/and the cousin parade

Y'day happened to be mighty nice. I ended up with a haul of chocolates, chocolate cookies and 2 books!
I already mentioned once that I haven't read anything this year. So thought, "why not begin?"
I bought Chetan Bhagat's "One night at the Call Center" and his latest offering "The 3 mistakes of my life". I already began the latter. Mmm,what I've read, I liked. Bhagat has a way of blurring the line that sets the autobiographical from the fiction. Like Bach does. But Bach is more complicated in that sense.

And the cookies are so damn yummyyyyyy! Coated with mocha and encrusted with chocolates. Smack!

And hey! My male cousins are wearing bangles now. One already has an ear ring. Actually the over all effect of black bangles resting on their wrists is pretty cool, if you don't examine the bangles in particular. And as long as the bangles aren't tinkling like they do on girls, what's the problem? The women were all staring critically at the bangles. Like offended. For them probably it was bad enough that the boys were wearing chains with lockets, piercing their ears, without moving on to new frontiers. Funny thing is, I'm a girl and I have never really got the hook of wearing bangles. I feel way too silly then. Talk about metro sexuality. One brother lifted a cute plastic bangle from our aunt, before she could protest!

I must say, I have a wide variety of cousins. And more cousins than I could ever count on my own. [I had need all the hands and feet to finish counting them! ;) ]
*Of which two have confessed to reading my blog. No one else bothers to! :(
And I am the first blogger of my family!! Feeling so proud.. And probably first from my college too. Dusk would be second. No one else can see the point of a blog. Waste of time according to them.
*Cousins with fair complexions and grey shades to their character.
*Cousins with dark skin and nice characters.
*And only one cousin who is wonderfully pretty and has an unblemished, flawless character. Pure and innocent, and successful in maintaining that even at the age of 17. She looks like Deepika Padukone!
*And there are DIY mechanic experts and the not-so mechanic experts.
* The best hugger cousin, and she's the Deepika Padukone clone's sister!
*The brand conscious cousins
*And the best play mate cousins with whom I shared some of my best football games and indoor games and treasure hunt games from our old ancestral home.
*And the best surrogate brother comes from this same list of mad cousins.
*The worst surrogate sister too.
*The left handed cousins. Who take away the privileges and attention I used to get as the only leftie of the family! But they are wonderful cousins.
*Then there are the best-for-sleepovers cousins. I have records of talking throughout the night and morning and then hitting the bed when the rest of the family is waking up.
*The Harry Potter freaks and the game freaks. The Orkut freaks and the cricket freaks.
*Ah yeah, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S loving sister-brother duo cousins. Great times I've had with them watching Friends.
*The gossipy ones and the non-gossipy ones. i belong to the latter one. Bcos the others gossip to the extend of slandering.
*And me- the observer/narrator of the whole wide circus of my family, prominently my cousins.

There are more species which I might have forgotten.
*Like the C.B.C Chronic Bachelor Cousin. The name says it all! He's also a globe trotter and amateur sky-diver.
*And when it comes to innocence too there are sub divisions.
--The pure, childlike innocent- that would be D.P look alike.
--The dumb and the innocent-She's innocent alright, but too innocent than one could afford! You could place a knife at her neck and scare her, she will still speak as silently and a night breeze. Once in a while we feel like shaking her voice outta her. But the poor darling has more accidents than anyone else has. Right now, broken leg.
--The silly and the innocent- So innocent that she makes an ass out of herself,unwittingly.
--The shrewd and the innocent- That will have to be me. I give off the aura of a bookish person paired with innocence. But idiots are those who think I'm innocent. My friends had tell you. Whaaaaaaaat? Ashu and innocent? Are you off your rocker?? Most of the time I pretend to be innocent so as to make fools of others. And it always works.

I'm thinking of beginning a trailer review section.
What say you?


Mohua said...

kewl... very neat n funny... suddenly felt d urge to categorise my cousins as well... bt they r too few in no. n far too individualists in traits... bt beleive me d best tym of childhood has to be wid them...
hey i forgot to mention i also got a box of swiss chocolates two days ago... they r yumm bt a bit bitter (high on alcohol content... dey mk me a bit dizzy)... yet to read chetan's latest buk... hav already read fps n on@cc a hundred times over... luvd his work.

Azra Raphael said...

ow ow! im feeling so damn jealous!!

The Wanderer said...

first blogger of the family???.. well me too..LOL:)

Azra Raphael said...