Saturday, May 17, 2008

Freed from the exam ordeals!!

Finally the day has come! Just when I thought it never would. Phew! Freeeeeeeeeee!!!
So the exam ordeal is over. And I still can't make out why they want us to take second language system in college..? I mean, half or more the things I'm studying in my second language thingy is pure trash.
Can't believe?
Try deciphering this doha by some dude of the 14th century. (sorry, there were absolutely NO dudes in the 14th century!) Anyways, check this mahaan's couplet.
It goes like this:
कहत, नटत, रीझत, खिजत ,मिलत ,खिलत, लाजियात
भरे भौन में करत हैं ,नैनन ही सब बात

Now you understand what I mean???
I'm not telling you what the f*** it means.
And there are these mad poems about a heart broken lover (why should we learn stuff that we don't believe in? Are there any broken hearts around anymo'?) ,
and a depressing poem about a sad woman who finds similarities with a rain cloud.[I can get the expression you're going thru, sigh],and many other poems to.
Oh yeah,and there's a poem about an iron smith. Huh?
What's he doing in the whole lot?
What are the whole lot of these poets doing in this test book and my qwestun paper?
What is this text book doing in my life??
What good changes are they going to bring in my life??????????

Nothing. And the only change these crappy second language text books have brought in my life is a sincerely cynical approach to our edu system and deepening the already deep-rooted belief that "yahaan kabhi kuch badalnewala nahi".

And just last year, one second lang txtbk was of an Arya king. But the worst part was that the whole story seemed to have found its way down to my book from Hitler's library. Shit about how grand and great and broad minded Aryans are and how nasty and niggerly black people are.
Some Indian story.

And this year's txtbk "Draupadi" had us all pitying Karna's fate. So what if he's illegitimate? That's not at all his fault!

Y'know all this love for Karna,Ravana and Duryodhan from my gang's part..
Vinaya chipped in,"it's all about generation gap. The earlier generation respected the Yudhishtir team. We love the rival team."
Blae! I don't care.

Let me see if you can decipher that doha!

Apart from this hated post-exam discussion sort of thing I have put here, we had some fun with my camera at college. Then it was lemonades and orange juices..and mangoes!

Won't be seeing any of my darlings till June comes. Then I will be a bigg girl!! I will be in my final yearr!
That hurt.
I don't want to grow up and leave college.
But I realise that I don't want to flunk tests and stay back either.


p.s-I will miss the language classes though. they were sooo bunkable classes! I had the best times when those hours were going on and we were outside enjoying the view and the *ahem, non-views. So that means lesser bunks next year. Ah me! :(


The Wanderer said...

lolz... good one :)

and what r they doing in ur life?.. well trying to turn u into a grad may be..or..lolz :)

Its Great that the exams are over..Hows freedom??.. mine end monday.... uske baad?? PARTY!!!

Mohua said...

hey evn i cn understand... had to do a hindi subsi crse in 1st yr.... cdnt make head or tail of it... n in 3rd yr i had odes to tomato, autumn, n etc... total crap... songs abt heart break n othrs vr dere too.... i cn undrstnd ur ordeal vry well.... had to go thru dem myslf... nishi's actually rite... dey dnt do nythng bt mk us grads (fingers crossed)

Azra Raphael said...

nice to know others went thru the same ordeal!

after exams?
one week for myself.
then its party-party time!!

no one cracked the 14th century doha? ;)

J said...

well.... even at the risk of sounding "old fashioned", "nerdish" and "a-hole" (as if I could care less) let me say this....

I found the couplet rather beautiful... "Aankhein hi hoti hain dil ki jubaan"....
Think of it this way, u and Vinaya (just an example) are sitting in a room with ur mom and dad. Suddenly this neighborhood guy (on whom u hav a biiiigggg crush...) turns up...ofcourse vinaya knows about ur crush. So suddenly there is a glitter in her eyes as she tries to say to u (kehat...sry no hindi fonts), "hey, look, who's here"...then u say signal her wid ur eyes not to do it (natat), she says with her eyes, just one time, talk to him plleeeeeeease (reejhat), u say Noooo (khijat), suddenly ur eyes meet the guy's (milat), his eyes suddenly light up on seeing u (khilat)...nd u feel a ltl shy (lajiyat)...

dont mind, just getting bored in the nthng better to
wud cmnt later on the rest of the post...

J said...

Azra Raphael said...

i loved the couplet too.
but at the time, i was highly pissed with my papers.
thus the frustration.
nice to know u liked the lines too.

and hey, nice example!
im waiting for that one to happen!