Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happiness and some sadness too

Cool times, this.
Not just the weather, the whole sit. is quite fun!
Watching a suspense-thriller late-night stretching into early morning with my favourite cousin and then gabbing with her literally into the morning. My! I thought it was time to check the time and what do you guess? We had talked 4hours straight to 4am! Way too good! But the one bad thing was that we were looking like a pair of zombies just landed hereabouts, by the time it was morning.

That day was packed with mixed feelings.
For starters, my cousin gets a 93% for his xii-th! So obviously I was on cloud number 9 with pride and joy.
On the other side, another cousin flunked the same exam. Felt too sorry for that.

I finished the latest of Chetan Bhagat- The 3 mistake of my life. Nice one. The religious tensions, small town scenario.. I'm not saying much. Youjust read and tell me. Stars? 4 on 5? Mayyybeee.
But One night @ the Call Center? C'mon now! D'you think anything's left to say? Damn good!
I felt so blown away by the last page!

Apart from books and cousin's exam results, I was watching the cartoons in the evening.
Winni the Pooh! Sheesh, they are so nice and happy. This episode was on how everyone tries to "pin down" Tigger [my favourite-favourite!! I swear am half madly in love with the bouncy creature!], and tries to glue him to places or something. Then I had to leave for a while, by then which things had moved on. The animals were huddled together in the woods scared of a something. Well, they saw a white something; which was actually a scared Piglet in white pillow cover. It was just so funny and hilarious that in five minutes I was laughing, no, I was guffawing !!Mom was irritated at my undignified response to a cartoon. Who's bothered? I was having a happy time!
And in between more happy news. My cousin has got a cool rank in the entrance exams as well!

I have a wedding coming up this weekend. So, meet ya after that!

Plus, it's raining half the days of the week which staightaway corresponds to an increase in power cuts in my place. *I'm feeling soo grouchy about that.

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