Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eight pointed by the Moon

So here I am, after a slothy week.
To do a tag. Tagged by Nishi again!
So without making you read deviations from the topic, we shall begin.

Eight things I'm passionate about:
1. Chocolates& Coffee- I'm usually a nice person. Chocolates bring out the mean me. If I get chocolate, I'm not sharing with anyone. Not with the cutest baby(ok, my niece maybe. I'm ready to sacrifice the best chocolate for her), not my darling friends, just NO ONE.
2. Good company. Friends. I like keeping myself surrounded by friends. If not in the physical sense, then in any other sense. Gah!
3. Music and books and poetry- I needn't say anything!
4.Sports. Just so that I get messy
5.Simplicity- the one mantra(among the many) that rules my life.
6.BLoGginG! PLus diary writing-How can I forget that? My newly found Zahir. (didn't catch that? read some Paulo Coelho)
7. Travelling. Ah the green meadows and vales are a'calling me... Not all like that. But I love travelling.
8.Graffiti, doodling, blowing bubbles, blah blah

Eight things I wanna do before I die:
1. Do a lot of charity work. I need to pay back, nah?
2.Pilgrimage. Sounds too saintly for a teen girl to say. But I really want to do that before I die. Mom did. I was scared she might come back all holier-than-thou. No. She just came back nicer and straighter.
3. Learn guitar, violin and the piano. (I think I can handle drums, practice from school and college benches)
4.Learn French and Spanish. ( I really want to flaunt my C'est la vie and voullez vous when I finally get a chance to go to Pondicherry or the Real France)
5. Travel. But globetrotting can wait. I want to travel India first. I want to know the India apart from the commercialised version you see on telly. Taj Mahal gets top priority though!
Then I wanna go everywhere else. and Disney Land.
6.Bungee Jump. Very much on my list. But I donno if I will have this same enthusiasm and courage when THE MOMENT comes.
7. Live in an apartment. Me and my girlfriends. Just us and our adventures. Anyway most of our parents are totally frustrated with us and mutter things like, "just run away from here, I don't know how anyone can handle you!" To which we religiously answer back, "I will run away with my gang." Everyone's ready in the virtual sense. God know where we shall be next year. Sab ke sab apne apne raaste jayenge. =(
8. Write a best seller. ok, at least have a famous blog.

Eight things I say often:
1. Blae! My personal expression of disgust. Mine own. No one can lay hold, or say they made it. ok, my friends use it too. plus many others in my college too now.
2. "Poor me!" , that's mostly said soon after doing something especially naughty. I put on a very innocent demeanour. ;)
3.What say?
4. Smoky!
5.What the ----? I actually leave a gap there. I leave that to listener's imagination. Fill it as you please.
6. Naff off !
7. Whatever
8. *beep* Ummm..And I cuss a lot nowadays. A bit too much than is ok. When I speak, I'm becoming more and more qualified for the beep sounds! I'm trying to come down on that.

Eight books I've read recently:
*interfering-" How much recent does recent mean? B'cos I haven't read anything more recent than last year!
1. Orhan Pamuk-Memories of a City. By the end of it, Turkey seemed all black and white to me 2.Milan Kundera- Unbearable Lightness of Being Nothing more cool than the title. I regret having taken that book. I really regret that. So...I don't even know what to call it!
3.Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Clandestine in Chile Now this is a book I will recommend to everyone who had ask me about his works. It's taken from real life where an exile comes back in disguise with much risk to himself to expose the realities of dictatorship in Chile. Awesome. Great book this one.
4. J.M Coetzee-Disgrace Booker winner. Worth a read. About the disgrace a man goes through. Beautiful. I could feel the character's conflicted emotions in my skin! Creepy!
5. Anita Desai- Journey to Ithaca I didn't like it. That's it. That's all.
6. Kiran Desai-Inheritance of Loss Whatever you do, please don't make the mistake of reading
this book. Seriously. You will come back with lots of hair in your hands (from pulling them in frustration as the story unravels). It is vaguely reminiscent of God of Small Things style. But nothing wonderful to expect here. So DON'T read this one. Oh crap. I should have known that advices always backfire. Someone says don't look, and you are certain to look. Mph!
7.Richard Bach- Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Bridge Across Forever Worth a read and more. I loved both his works. Wanting to check his rest works as well.
8.Paulo Coelho- Alchemist and Zahir Wonderful. Bach and Coelho are cool at philo-stuff. Way too cool.
Plus many,many other books. But you asked only 8! I squeezed in 10, nah? Am I allowed to squeeze more?

Eight songs I listen to over and over again:
1.Kuch is Tarah-Atif Aslam I'm wiping away the tears all over again. Atif!!!!! Whatte soulful voice, man!
2.Leave Out All The Rest-L.P Ubercool song
3.My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne I almost wished I had been cheated! God forbid!
4.Abhi Nahi Aana-Sona Warm and mopey melody. Luvved it
5.My Immortal-Evanescence Over and over again
5.You're beautiful-James Blunt too many memories attached
6.Several A.R Rahman compositions. I'd be like,forever at my desk if i were to put them down in here!
7.Tere mere sapne oldie song
7.Abhi na jao chodkar,ke dil abhi bhara nahi oldie song this one too
8. Tere bin nahi lagta dil mera-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan thanks to "bend it like beckham" for introducing me to this track.
8.Eternal Flame-Bangles
I cheated so many times! I'll be thwacked by all who read this! =0
But right now I'm listening to Enrique's "Somebody's Me".

Eight things that attract me to my friends:
1.Truthfulness- even though it becomes pretty harsh,blunt and painful at times.
2.You're weird? Then you're definitely one of my friends!
3.Be able to speak my thoughts, HAVE my thoughts.
4.Ability to beat the melancholy and depresion out of me
5. Not bothered about trivial stuff like "what will others say?"
6.Ready to execute any hare brained plan.
7. Must fight once in a while at the least.
8.Must understand me. But it's ok if you can't. Only one has achieved that feat. Now I'm used to not being understood. It's become part of my life. ie-not being understood.

Eight persons I'm tagging:
I really don't have too many blogger friends. So this list might be shortened.
1.Dusk- darling,it's high time you updated.
3. Jean-the bean who's blog is dying. But she insisits it can come back to life whenever she wants it to!
4. Maggie
5. J-if he hasn't already done it.
6. Champak-if he has a blog. If not, well-begin one!
7. And K.S
8. And anyone who's intersted in doing the tag.

I can't believe that I made this simple tag seem Herculean. Sheesh!
P.S- How does the picture look? Shot by me! ME-ME-ME!!!

Maybe we could have an eight on celeb crushes too. I could have done it.
Bas, this is more than enuff!


The Wanderer said...

Well done :P

I suggest the VERY SAME (AND MORE -VE) for Inheritence of loss...tha kya??
though i liked oe line from the book..lolz .. yeah one line.. "I wish I could rent a room in somebody else's life"

And really pretty flowers :)

Azra Raphael said...

thank you!

Siddharth Bose said...

hey nicely blog

Unknown said...

MAST blog!
Seriously fresh! Discovered lotssa similarities in taste!!!
Perfectly awesome!
What you do??
Me doin engg in Goa.
And yeah thanks for the cooment on my blog..
keep reading and yeah keep blogging!
So long!!!

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

i dont even remember how i got here ....
but you have some blog here ... nice read !!!!!!!
i was going like, "yeah me too" all the while ...
i like the music choices the things to do before i die ...the things i am passionate baout .... so you get the drift ... i like it ....
lotsa similarities ..
plus great library !!!!!!!!!!!!!

inheritance is loss is one word is "bad"

and i love the opening picture .. blue butterflies ... aha ... sigh ****

Azra Raphael said...

you ppl dont know how much nice comments mean to me.
whenever i see a new comment, i get as excited as a kid would on christmas!

@ dark gal- thanks!
will contact u on orkut, once my last exam is done! wait til may7th!

@ blue buttefly- same to u.
yeah, i liked the blue butterfly. and i will check up on ur blog after may7th.
thanks for being so nice guys!

J said...

beautiful pic...nice post..

Me. said...

Just when you seemed to have promising taste in books,you used 'wonderful' and 'Paulo Coehlo' in the same sentence.

A pity,really.

Azra Raphael said...

why? whats so wrong with him?

and u r not talking abt bach either. how come?

Azra Raphael said...

thanks j!