Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One whole year

One whole year.
One big hole where you used to be.
One whole year of searching for you in vain in...
places you sat,
things you held,
songs you liked,
memories of trivial fights,your shoulder shrugging, laughters and ever-smiling face,
pages of my diary where you were mentioned,
your photos in family events.

One whole year of missing a cousin whose wonderfulness striked me
earlier than departure time.
Of missing a brother.

One whole year
of sudden remembrances and crying long and hard alone in my room
in realisation of what a great loss it is.

One whole year
in which you figured first in my prayers.

One whole year since I changed.
And one whole year-
of knowing how much important expressing love and caring your loved ones.
of not taking time and life and every precious moment gifted for granted.
of realising never to expect the next moment to happen.

One whole year of missing a wonderful person.
My cousin.
My brother.

You are still very much with us.

And I can't believe my sadness has slowly turned into painful poetry.


Anonymous said...

beautifully expressed....

who better to understand this than me who recently lost my dearest friend (not to death, but to misunderstandings...) nw i hav so much to express, bt there's no one to hear.... if only i could say all these things earlier...

Unknown said...

Really! A cooment wouldn't just be enough!
An ode!

Azra Raphael said...

@ :( i too have been thru that.
i lost someone to misunderstandings bcos i just didnt have the guts to stand up and tell him what i felt.
now, i regret that mistake even after 3 years. i dont even have a contact with him now. such a shituation!

@ dark lady- THANQ!

The Wanderer said...

pain does that to us.. either makes us go insane..or turns us into poets..