Friday, January 25, 2008

Wedding season

It's the wedding season at college.
A lot of weddings coming one after the other.
This sunday is Sporty's sister's wedding.And she has invited half the college for it.So its sure that we'll have a ball this Sunday!!
On February 3rd,we'll be witnessing the wedding of a classmate.Yipes!
Atleast 4 girls are engaged, and getting married this year itself.
And amidst all this hullabaloo some of my friends are getting dreamy-eyed wondering what their wedding day will be like.
Don't dare ask me!
I'm not into weddings at all.If anything I'm the one who was shell shocked, when one classmate whom I didn't expect to get married so soon,online declared that she's engaged.
And I was like--NO WAY!
And such other thoughts buzzing in my head.

So what's my plan to do after college?
Study some more years,get a good job,save money,go globe trotting,then live single!!!!

That's it!

I know it mightn't work out the way I want it,but still..who's gonna stop me from dreaming?
That's the original post.Mom was troubled by my declaration to be a single.
Just for a peaceful life.I'd rather stay away from getting mommy tensed.;)


Anonymous said...

Good :-)

Why shouldn’t it work out? The earlier you’re independent; it’s easier to work it out in your favour! Concentrate on your studies and chart out a well-planned career.

Globetrotting and knowing the different cultures around the world would be a great thing.

On a lighter note, “Men and women marry because they don’t know what to do with themselves.” ;-)

Azra Raphael said...

thanks for shouting back!
yes,globe trotting is very much in my mind,lets see what happens!
mom read this post,and as u can expect,she didnt like the fact that i want to be with myself!