Sunday, January 13, 2008

Being me-self

What after slowly recovering from that sad death, I'm slipping back to my uncaring attitude.
It's not like I'm so nasty.Not at all.
The uncaring pose is just so fake.
I just put it on so as not to get hurt.And believe me, I'm too sensitive for my own good. Even the smallest remark can drown me down into a self-hating abyss...
I'm the worst of the whole lot..Everyone's just around me just because of some kind of formality..No one really loves me..It's all just pity..
Worser thoughts have happened.But they are best kept hidden within me.

If I seem cold,it's only because I imagine that everyone is just putting up with me.So in order to "release" them from the drama, I just slip into my uncaring attitude.

Hey, but I'm not like that always! This self-hating is only a phase that happens once in a while.Otherwise I'm pretty happy and crazy.A party animal(but I'm NOT an animal.I object to that description)

Spread the loooooooove everwhere!

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