Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Regrets and missing


The youth cultural fest is done with.I could have gone too.But-I voluntarily quit.Why?
I won for film review,first place.
Bodhana wanted me to do poetry,since she was damn too busy.
I end up swapping places with Vinaya.She takes up film reviewing,and I-poetry.
Or even better-Versification.
That's how we planned.But things don't turn out the way you plan,do they?
Not always,anyway.

I was gloomy @ the prospect of a youth festival without my sweet big bruv.
And when the day was declared,I backed out.So naturally,Vinaya too.
It somehow didn't seem fun without him.

And here I was,regretting the decision.Afterall,I could have had fun!
Vinaya had another trip connekted with the youth fest.So she didn't regret as much.
She along with Vaika,Nazar,Supri dear and[?] were participating in Western Music section.

I could have done that,but I skipped out on that too.Regret#2.

Well,they were supposed to have gone on sunday for the youth fest-on our classmate's wedding.

But here again,I show you the distance btw a person's decision and what actually happens in the end.

The whole thing got cancelled b'cos they didn't have a bass guitarist,I think.
Vinaya 'n' Vaika ended up attending the wedding with us!

P.S-Missing you terribly,bruv!!!!

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