Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 has arrived!!!! So what?

Hello everyone!

Long time since I blogg'd something,I think.

Well,I have crashed back to reality.After the 15 days of laziness and non-existence..its back2business.

(wondering what I mean by "non-existence"? I don't really like rules.I just make up words to air what I mean.So what I meant by 'non-existence' is---I ceased to be a person,the face I show in outer circles_I was at ease with myself.Not at all self-conscious.Usually when I'm around strangers,I'm guarded.Like Chloe in the book 'Sold Out'. Sorry,obviously you are wondering which Chloe.Anyway,coming to the point;what I meant was that I wasn't at all worried about the person called me.)

So the new year has arrived.

Am I not excited?

Not at all.I barely gave it a thought,except for wishing my friends and family the cliched 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!'

After all the new year bashes,what's left? Or does anyone care? Are the parties just for the sake of "fun"? To forget the tensions and worries for the time being?

2007 has gone.2008 has arrived.Does the changing of a year matter to me?Does it make any difference?

Once it used to.I used to make resolutions to be a good kid,stay out of trouble etc. etc..
I had end up breaking them the very next day itself.Its all just a kind of ritual.

Every year I hope,yes this year will be better.Lesser violence in India,no communal riots at all, no more wars, no more tensions, peace prevails...
And every year, I'm left bitter.
Hopes burst out---yet again.....

Still I keep on praying and trying to do my bit towards a better,secular India.

Love to all,bye!!!!!!

Anyway,I don't want to sound like a party-pooper.So happy new year to everyone!!!!

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