Sunday, January 27, 2008

Missed a wedding, so I'm blogging instead

I'm not supposed to be here blogging now.
I was supposed to be at a wedding having fun.
Remember Sporty's sister's wedding?Its today.
But because of a strike;which included vehicles too;I couldn't move outside my home.Mph!
I'm burning with jealousy..
Oh, this place will never improve unless people become pro-active and take measures against these violent elements in the state.Some party people killed their rival party's member.As a sign of protest,the slain's party has called total strike.People don't seem too bothered either, that political murders are happening all the time in this country.They have just grown hard-hearted.
"Another person murdered?Then there won't be any vehicles out today,huh?Bother,I'd thought of doing some shopping today in town".

That's the way they think now.Not something like,
"Another murder?Where is humanity gone to?So sad for that family"

No way!
It's more in this way-
If a party stabs one person,
their rival makes sure to stab at least two.

Disgusting!So pathetic!

And once when my friends were discussing of a particularly brutal murder(the murdered was a school bus driver, a masked gang made all the kids in the bus run away and ran after the distraught driver and stabbed him to death.He is survived by a wife and two very young children.),one said that her acquaintance remarked "very good".

You ask why so?
Because this murder was in retaliation to another murder.And in the latter's case too a small child was left orphaned.

But still,that's no reason to react so coldly.

No wonder we have the highest record of crime committed,when compared to the rest of India.

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