Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of commuting and classes

Yet another mad day.
And in my world,there is no shortage of weird days.

So the beginning of the day..I'll track from reaching college onwards.
Commuting everyday back and forth has made me tough,yes.
But there are things I really hate.
Women with oily hair flying in the wind.-It's not at all romantic.Yuck!Sometimes the rush gets so much,and I'm jammed behind this woman-with-flying-hair.The hair is everywhere.My face gets oily as well(ugh),not to forget the whole sticky sit. itself.And I'm like,GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
The conductor working his way along the aisle,squeezing past women-Mph,he acts like he is the Supreme Deity himself, rolling eyes at students just because they have their students' concession.Oh, the insults a student endures each and every day..And adults thought we were living carefree.NOT!
And several other things that I shall blog next time


Classes were going on,that's right.Me and friends were strolling outside in the green campus.
As Namitha puts it,"let the classes go their own way,we shall go our way!"
Didn't sit for even one class.
Me and mates are getting very arrogant,now that we have scored good marks along with pursuing bunking as a kind of hobby.
Makes sense actually.We were able to watch the M gang's boys playing school games like hide-and-seek, and many others.Probably show-off.But we had a good laugh.

I'm listening to radio on Namitha's cell-phone.Pals note there's no point.I must be suffering from Attention Deficit something-something, 'cos I don't feel like listening to anything more than one nano-second!
And they say this is major?
Grow up sweeties..

The second hour we had a hard time deciding where to sit.Wherever we turned,our department's faculty were there.Sheesh!It was kinda comic,us running away,only to clash into yet another professor!

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