Friday, June 6, 2008

Great Beginning to the Ending of everything =(

First week of final year has been mah-vellous!!
-Though I had just three days of college out of the five days. Tuesday fell sliiiightly sick, Thursday was hartal in protest against price rise. Yeah,I protest too!

Monday: Brimming with happiness, new clothes and I had taken the new chunky bag, everyone's hugging and soooooooo happy to get back home. Home for us anyways. No classes,so we do our usual thing. Loaf,sing, being happy, trying to spread the contagious happiness to others as well. And everyone's at their humorous best. It's not always that we click well and laugh at all that is being said. I mean,yes-we too have our share of boring days. But this week sure was fantastic!
Well, first day itself,and myself and Namitha reach late. Thankfully,no classes. Z's crush is down now,at least her feelings were not on them.
Anyways,after two naughty-wacky years as front benchers, we move to back bench. Yup,we are part of the elite Back Benchers Club now!!
Vrinda aka Vri has bought scooty. good on ya, pal!
But on the down side? None of my friends have noticed the cool "Aditi"! And I was like, "whaaaaaaaaaat? and you don't even feel embarrassed to admit that you're this ignorant???"
Cold lemonades might be the reason why I had to absent myself from college the very next day.

So on tuesday I'm at home while they are gift-shopping for Vaikhari,Vrinda,Nimisha and Sajla (belated birthday gift-shopping, I may add).

Wednesday, back to college! No Namitha as she had dental appointment. Today for the first time after a year, we actually sat down for all 5 hours!!!! Can you digest the fact that we sat in the same place for more than 10 minutes?????? Enlightening though. Some light chit chat sort of intro first hour followed by being terrorised by Prof Efthikar on Translation theory and practise (which is what he's taking for us) about how difficult it is yet wonderful. Doh! Department head is taking Conversational Skills. Yes! after missing him for a year,he's back in class for us taking, u guessed it ryt! Phonetics,accents,intonation,stress,timing and the whole package of it. Dr Prathibha and Prof Babu taking Broadcasting and Script Writing.
Wanna know what she says on taking up the correct subject for project?
" Doing a project is like getting married" *collective 'huh's from all around. "If u choose something based only on initial attraction, the relation will fail. Make sure you can hang out with the subject/partner for at least a whole year, otherwise the "wedding" will get annulled."
I hope I marry the right subject!
Lunch time we finally are freed and sing and go wild.

June 5th thursday is hartal,so we are at home watching rain and quite enjoying ourselves at home.
Friday it's back to college!!!!!! Felicitation day to honour (as usual) the rank holders. And I get my white top all coloured by my wet dupatta which seems to be the culprit. I had to change clothes from dad's place. okies, I snap pictures of the programme and they ACTUALLY repeat the prize-giving act for my camera!! Cool me and my cool camera. Oh yeah, I finally find a pal who has listened to and loved "Aditi". Well,compared to my cousins who all have excellent and similar music tastes, my friends lag behind. So its a relief to find someone with whom I can gush on about ARR. Post lunch, its photo session time and we record videos on my camera when singing and gifting Nimisha and Vaikhari their gifts. Happy times..
By the way, my poem is appreciated by the department's in-house magazine editor. I had mailed him my latest creation for the magazine this year.
I will post it here AFTER it is published at college!

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