Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zi baby comes home/ Z's day out;literally

Apologies for the long disappearance. Anyways I had a lovely week. Wednesday my favorite cousins came home,and Zi came in tow! I got so excited by their arrival that I absented myself from classes the next day. Hey,they stayed for a mere 24 hours man!And its not always that u get cousins to stay. I spent the most of it zooming my lens in on darling-darling Zi, my cutie-pie niece and snapping shots of her. AND talking with my dear brother Mac and sister Zub. Late night, us 3 ended up spending some hours on a Mensa test. Bheja fry sample or what? Phew! But we did scrape a decent 15 marks though.
Anyways, friday was pretty exciting for Z. She got to talk smooth and lots with her Crush. Still flushing post that chat, she steps in for an extremely boring class. You cannot blame Z and her pals for playing an innocent game of Filmy Hangman. Well, her teacher caught them and kicked them outta class. And the idiots still can't stop laughing over it. They actually recorded and shot their fotos together in memory of the day they got kicked out.

Wipe out all that.
I got hold of all my recent wished for songs!!! JTYJN, Ada, Khuda Kayliye and Jal the band.
I simply can't get enough of the ARR songs! Every single one of them is just gorgeous!
Especially Meherban-Ada and Kahi to hogi-JTYJN. And Sajni from Jal,the Pak band. AND Bandya from Khuda kayliye. AND....
oh well, you better stop me or I will continue gushing on about my favourite composers and artists and all.

Ciao for now.


The Wanderer said...

i agree on ARR wala part :)

That man sure deserves a bow! .. *bows*

Azra Raphael said...

plus a standing ovation from me and everyone else who loves his music!