Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scared of loneliness

I know its been a long time since the last post.And it's not bcos of any post-Eid fuzziness!The vacation is getting on me.Really beginning to feel restless.I almost feel like going and doing a bungee jump!!!!!!But obviously,I'm not upto something of that level.Why,even a plane trip drives me half mad! ;) Though the reason's more of my being a slight claustrophobic.
Elevators,cars with closed windows,planes,auto-rickshaws(when they put down the side-flaps during rains) etc.Just some of the things that make me feel wrapped up.Scary!
Nothing special.I'm sort of getting bored in Orkut.Thinkin' of moving on to "Perfspot",that Doc. sweety suggested.It's pretty cool!
Been 5 days since met my college friends.Suddenly nothing makes much difference.I'm almost prepared for betrayal or cheating or anything of the sort from any of my friends.Maybe I'm just being dramatic.Like Ekta Kapur serials.But ever sice that fatal scrawl nothing's ever the same.Do I want them to read this?
Maybe I do.
Maybe I don't.
They are;all of them;such darling friends.
Be it Sleepy,Quiet,Fat,Phony,Sporty,Smily or Dusk..everyone's lovable.

But I just want to be 'armed',just in case-y'know.I don't want to be in for a shock.Better be prepared.I know they won't do anything of that sort.


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