Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

Greetings to all for Eid-ul-Adha!!!!!!!

That's all for today.I've to celebrate too,nah?
Well,actually no.Today only Middle East celebrates Eid.Indians have their Eid tomorrow. So that will be my excuse for not blogging tomorrow.

Lots of plans..
I will be footloose tomorrow with my feetloose buddies.It's a kind of get together ritual for us friends.That's the time when everyone comes back home to unwind.

Day after tomorrow there's a post-Eid party for family members.Mmmmm...thinking about the 'mazaa' I'll have.A-hah!

Y'day I had the chance to watch some good movies,but ended up just gabbing with friends,doing nothing..

Vacation's begun,as I must have already told you.Took 2 books from the college library..
1.Inheritance of Loss-Kiran Desai-Man Booker2006
------The first three chapters are not much..Not interesting enough..There's a robbery,but it didn't excite..Let's see what is to come ahead..
2.The other book is Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess.Not begun.

The best bookers I read were probably Life of Pi& God of Small Things.Beautiful is all I can feel when I think abt those two.

Cheers to all.I'm leaving,bye!

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