Monday, December 17, 2007

Festive season!

It's party time!
Lot of festivals comin' up!
There's Eid,then Christmas,and don't forget new year!
I really can't believe that 2007 is coming to an end!
Time to make 'n' break resolutions!

And even more reason to rejoice 'cos one especially dear friend of mine is back home.Not that the rest aren't any less special.It's just that she's the one who's truly my soul mate.Real close to my heart.So close that I can't seperate her from the blood coursing through me.That close!

She has been there for me for years by now.The pair of us have been through the whole circle of friendship.We can say with emphasis:"Yes everyone,we 2 have been through a lot."

The spectrum of those experiences we've been through are varied.As different as we both are in natures.She's gentler,and much nicer than me.

And me?I'm rather more harsh and unconventional.

I never knew that one day I had be crying my eyes out we parted ways to pursue our own seperate streams of studies.

It's not like distance matters.
But it was the first time we had been apart.
But time moves on,and we have adjusted to our new lives.
One in a while the other rings up to chat.All that kind of things.
But even if we don't call each other,or stay out of contact for months,it barely hurts our friendship. The next time we talk,its like no time had passed since our last call!

She's my secret-keeper/Fidus Achates/The very best part of me..and a lot more!

Without her, I'm sort of incomplete.(Not really,but in a sense!)

We can talk non-stop about everything under the sun,above the sun and beyond.
Philosophy?O yes!
Movies? You betcha!
All those weird facts of our lives,tiniest secrets,literally evreything!!!

A beautiful aspect of my life!
It's really important that everyone should have atleast one good friend to pour out on!

LOve you all,thanqs for dropping by!


Unknown said...

friendship is a truly beautiful emotion.
u r lucky to have that special friend.count ur blessings!

Azra Raphael said...

thanks hermione!yes,i really value the love i get!