Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy feet!


Allez everyone!

I thought I would share with you one really crazy thing that me n my friends did. o.k,this happened last month or so.

In the morning,we were practicing for the debate.Topic was a bit cliche. "Mass media's influence on youth". My team was in favour of the influence.Which meant we were supporting every stupid thing on telly too.Anyway,we had a helluva lot of fun practicing.Our otherwise strict ma'am was real cool and having fun with us too.

After lunch,we had THE FIGHT.Nothing so big.We won through and through!!!!!!!Yeah babe, we won!Then it was praise for our hard work and blah blah.

Now comes the fun part.After college,we walked towards the bus-stop.The stroll is always leisurely.Shady trees all the way.And there isn't much hustle-bustle either.Very romantic actually.So we people get to see many couples walking slowly.

So when we began walking, Ragi's slipper broke.Vinaya advised her to walk bare foot up to the place the road ended.It's a clean road,so no worries.In the end,what happened was that all of us-the 6 of us took off our slippers to give her company!!When the other students came by, they sort of rolled their eyes at the sight of 7 girls walking with their footwear in their hands;as if we were not walking down a road,but some beach! As if all this was as normal as anything else!

It went even madder when our English professors saw us in this manner.We told him the reason-that we were giving our friend a bit of moral support! So when they saw Ragitha too holding her slippers(they didnt realise that it was her slipper that had broken):"I thought at least you had some sense my dear!Why are you walking like this?" Ha ha ha!!!!!!

But naughty girl Namitha didn't co-operate with our madness.She just walked on as always.To which Vaikhari called her "pinthirippan murachi"!!!!!!!!ok,only Mallus can understand that! Don't you wanna know what happened to Namitha? A crow shitted on her!And guess what,she was the only one carrying an umbrella!!!!!!!

That was one incident when we all got truly jazzed up!

Oh yeah, I finished the Inheritence of Loss.


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