Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The post about the fact that I've put a ring on it. Metaphorically =)

Yes ladies and gentlemen and the wookies all over who bother to check up on my blog. Back with apologies for not blogging so long and happy news!

I'm engaged.
Cue squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and in case of friends you-gotto-be-kidding-me. (which i can totally understand considering what kind of weird nut I are.)

No seriously. I'm engaged. No longer single (that was awesome while it lasted =) ). Will be married next year and then moving to Mohali to boot. Lol.

Quite a huge much to take in i guess. Anyway, he's from the same profession as me (Libraries you nerds!), which means we've loads of common ground in between. But no, it's actually an old fashioned arranged marriage, even though everyone's second guessing considering we're both librarians. Gah. Doncha know I never was a romantic? Well, ok, sure that's going to change now though. *Giggles!

Righto then all. I'll be back with a more proper blog post later down the week.Otherwise I'll be getting killed by a dear friend who has promised to do the deed if I ever stop blogging. Where'd I be if not for such awesome friends?? And now, signing off. and taking my fiance with me. neener!



I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Congratulations to you :D :D
I have a secret feeling that all single people actually want to be double (couple) :P

Enjoy.. :)

Mohua said...

Wow!! And I mean Wow!!! Congratulations!!!! Am so, so, happy for ya!

Aysh said...

I still envy the fact that you work in a library you awesome thing!
Sincerely pray that you both have a long and happy life together InshAllah.

I wonder if your blog will turn into a soppy love story blog now? :D teehee xxx