Friday, June 29, 2012

The Happy Drug =)


Back after lightyears and I'mma jump straight to the point. This post is poetry; inspired by a sweetheart buddy. So I take this occasion to dedicate this poem to her as a belated engagement gift. Congrats love! On the other side, this post inadvertently also works for me in the anti-drugs cause angle of things.

So here's the deal: It's part love, light, joy, friendship AND it's partly say-no-to-drugs-and-get-high-on-healthy-things.

Off you go!

Drug me out of my depression,
Sing me out from my frustrations,
Hug out the tears I've been fighting back,
and hit me if I ever switch to drama queen mode.

Like this and more,
be my drug,
my song,
teddy bear,
bitch for life.

Love you!


-and smiles, and support, and music, and books, and maybe a happy dance =)

Mascot of the anti-drug cause =P

Get the drift? Love and support are the best drugs. Oh, and music, books, wacky friends (but that comes under the "love" dept already) and all other good things that don't require you to stick needles down your flesh and  snort artificial stuff. Keep it real people.

Keep it really real. You don't need to get high on chemicals to be happy. Get yourself some proper friends and work on building up joy. Stat.


Revacious said...

Amen to that, woman!
Btw cutely touching poem. How I wish I was a man + love of ur life+ inspiration for such poems..

Azra Raphael said...

@ revacious- thanks! and hey, flattered and blown by the proposal. i'd've been married ages back if the loves of my life were men. dayum. why did u have to be a girl? =P but u can be my muse for sure. lets see abt that eh mayte?

Unknown said...

You should probably have a disclaimer about that hitting drama queens part. I hear that's not strictly legal in some countries. Happy-inducing chemicals, on the other hand...

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

lovely lines. the greatest high does come from love. the only things that chemical highs bring is a low after the 'high' wears off.

Aysh said...

I LOVE cookie monster! what an awesome pic. Agree with your ethos 100%, love and friendship is the best drug :P

Unknown said...

this was fun readin,and a good message der too:)

shikha said...

it was sweet and straight! :)
i like it!