Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good things ALWAYS follow up when bad things happen

Wheee!! *Does the happy dance*

Was kinda out of alignment from bloggerhood for a while, and now? It feels sooooooo good to be back! Gak, I'd really wanted the entire world to love the song I posted in my last post. Well, doesn't matter since I got two lovely ladies to fall in love with the craziness. Mission 2% success!

Anyhoo, I was having to rough it out for a while these past few weeks. Favorite cousin gone and settled away in Dilli, favorite torrent site for all my Korean tv-stuff being mean and banning me for God-knows-what-weird-reason. And to top all this? I fell sick thanks to hostel food and had to stay put at home for 8 whole days. On Leave from work. And now thanks to getting sick for so long, I've run out of all my Casual Leaves quote. Daaaaaayum. Worse was that my till-then darling hostel-warden not only doesn't give a care, she doesn't even bother asking where on Earth I was away for one whole week. Reason? She knows and doesn't care that lots of us hostel people have been falling sick and stuff. Duhhhhh.

Then I lose all my weight (as if I had any to start with. mph.) and get back to my workplace to find that the canteen has been relocated to the End of the World. Literally the remotest, further-most corner of the whole, wiiiiiiiiiiiiide campus. And even worse? The food has taken a turn for the worse. How am I supposed to get better when you dish out floopy food and give me hundreds of flights of stairs in between to reach the damned-canteen? It's as if the Universe is against me gaining weight. Thou shalt live stick thin and not ever gain even a gram beyond your 39kg self. Gah!

But since I firmly believed that good things always follow bad stuff (that's a tested-to-be-true Islamic saying). No matter even if they come in truck loads or Titanic loads. Here came the awesome news three days into unconcerned hostel authorities, trashy canteen food and the Flights of Horror and 3 days post-recovering:

Pay raise and new job designation!! 

Which means more yayy and that finally we're elevated off from our lowly trainee situation. Awesomeness! Awesome even if our superiors want us to throw them a party for this good news. Whatev, you need pizza, I'mma get you all a pizzeria! Happy mood reigns supreme,
and there came good news # 3:
I now have 3gb+ data to shell out on this month on my smart-ass phone/ Yippeeeeeeeee!!
and the other important good news:

I'm sure I've forgotten some other random good stuff going on in my life, but well- all that matter is that nothing can bring me down/ Not mean people, hostels or 1000 steps to cross and reach lunch. Plus I'm happy my decision to stick on with current job went well.
Stay patient, be positive and good things will definitely come your way. =)

Anyone else got good news to share?


D said...

i heard in news, monsoon arrives at kerala :)
modernized post of yin yang ?
:) cool !

Revacious said...

Me louu happppy dance!
btw, 39 kg?? Pliss to be coming here with proof of your weight and the fact that you're very much alive for the benefit of my mum & granny: they say at 54 kg I'm "wasting away" XD

Aysh said...

Yaaaaaay congratulations! That's fantastic news that you've got a promotion and pay rise :D

You know what that means right? More money for you to save to come visit the UK! :D

Well done and InshAllah Allah keeps you successful in this life and the next, ameen x

Life Unordinary said...

congratulations! And welcome back to the blogosphere, out world.

Unknown said...

welcome back and congrats :)

R. Ramesh said...

the title of the post was enf to cheer me up..good things folo..yep..nice ya..

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

Ya immensly loved the positivity of the post and yes I hav good news to share too. After waiting for 8 long years to get married and leading my life in stagnant pool of doubt and loneliness I got married within 20 days ! So I stand as a testimony too to ur post heading and btw I love ur blog