Saturday, January 1, 2011


exactly my plan for coming year. NO!! it's not any obvious hint towards running away or something as idiotic. 
What am I? 15??
I just want to travel more! See more places, find the peace, bring in more creativity and joy.

1/1/'11 is here finally!

 As for new year wishes,

Not much to say, 'cept wish everyone a happy, happy, REALLY happy year ahead.I never was much into ceremonies. I'm unceremonious even in the required times.
Which is why new years do't mean much, neither do resolutions.But sometimes you totally have to promise yourself some stuff.

My resolution #1 [and the only one really] as regards my blog: Less comebacks and more posts. 

Yes! Cheer for me so that I don't end up breaking this word!

What was 2010 for me?
Apart from being extremely busy, over-straining myself and breaking down in the process;
I went places,
Learnt more stuff,
Have gotten much more patient [or so methinks]
and watched tonnes of Korean stuff.

The good:
  1. Samsung died on me and I switched to Nokia ExpressMusic.
  2. Had several meetups with the Girlfriends-of-the-{add several, several} millenia. Last one was yesterday. Awesome!
  3. Uncle's housewarming.
  4. Subscribed to the awesomest Indian magazine out there-The Tehelka.
  5. Almost forgot- lots happening for The Downtroddence [will post on them soon. real soon!]!!

Sad things?

  1. More people got married and drifting away
  2. Friends and friends' family getting abused, cheated upon and divorced. =(
  3. Read lesser books cos of lack of time SLASH lack of time management.
  4. And another favorite girlfriend moves out o town. =( But she's doing really fine, so- w00t!
  5. .Deaths, suicides.
  6. Most of my Eids and my Christmas this year were ruined thanks to effing-aptly timed exams. Dang!
  7. The kitten I saw getting killed by some stray dog. Could do absolutely nothing to save it. Had to watch it die.

Another to-do for 2011-
Meet at least ONE blogger buddy. We'll see how that turns out. =/

PS- and don't forget! 2010 was The year of Rajni! ynna rascala...! ;) I don't know about you, but I think he's one of the humblest actors out there in all of Indian tinseltown


eternalthinker said...

Meet at least ONCE, that is!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year[url=],[/url] everyone! :)