Saturday, January 22, 2011

The week that was

It was the kind of week where a friend would go on a sneak-date and would find it necessary to hide when almost-spotted by me. Why'd she run away when she saw me? Beats me. Since I'm neither her mom or ex. Maybe it's got a lot to do with my goody-two-shoes image. How the hell do I tell you that's just an image and nothing more? =P  so next time, don't try hiding.

And it was the kind of week where I finally conquered my inferiority complex [temporarily though] and got on stage and sang. =D That was fun!

It was also the week where I finally actually made an effort and called people that matter, and matter beyond std call rates. The kind that are so close, where we're comfortable enough with the distance and time in between, knowing nothing will change how we feel for the other. But I resolved that no matter how much they love me, we'll still make calls back and forth. Even if it may be just to wish good night even! I love my girlfriends soooo very much!

And also, it's been the week where my current drama-crack ended. Also the week that saw my jump in joy at a probably false rumor about the break up of my actor crush from his gf. How I wished it was true though! Just stay single dude! lol- Sometimes I can be so teenage-girly silly, I surprise myself!

hyun bin- and it's sad, but ok if you don't find him as good looking as i do
*Speaking of the crush, Rahul made me a doodle on the palette of his amazing gtalk app- Xscribble. He knows just how crazily crushed I can get over actors who can actually act. And this guy acts like he's actually living that character.

anyway, here's the doodle-
only the squee and clouds were drawn by me. 


Kk said...

Nice doodle!
I like the idea of keeping goody two shoes thing as an image...sounds just like me!

The Wanderer said...

Don't let the sensible women kill the silly girl.. and fruitful week i say!

My twisted logic said...

Dear Azra,

So you are not quite "goody-two-shoes"....Well sorry to say i had also same image..though i saw you only once but can you guess..?? How i got this image..?

I was bit busy with my work and also uncertainty with it.I could not wish you new year so,"have a great 2011..".