Friday, June 25, 2010

Teaser reviewing

The best movie of the year 2008 for me was Rock On!!
And the best movie of the year 2009 for me was Wake Up Sid!
What's it gonna be like this year?

Teaser season's back on track!

Let's get down to business and get the dud potential movies outta the way. Even better, let's vote for which could be the dumbest movie and make a dartboard of it. Cheesy smiles all across the room. =D

Tight competition's on to make it to the potentially crappiest movie list. I'm not even sure which one's worse.
Kajra re- I thought everyone had at least a tiny brain to KNOW that Himesh Reshammiya ain't hot property. Hell, he isn't ANY sort of property. I used to love Pooja Bhatt. Not anymore, people. Love died the moment she signed that idiot. He can't act. He can't compose music. He can't even get a single tune straight to croon. And you make him lead actor? I wouldn't have given him the hopes to make it to back-up dancer status in my movie [if I ever get around to it, ever]. And deserts? Is that Udita Goswami trying to pretend to look all mysterious and princessy? Ugh!!
Krantiveer- Deshdrohi level I'm thinking.
Milenge Milenge- I was barely a teen when I first heard of this project. Now I'm nowhere near my late teens even and NOW they're promoting the movie?? WTH?

Ladies and Gentlemen: presenting to you the very worst project of the millennia. Concept lifted [as always] by The-Man-Who-Just-Doesn't-Get-The-Hints-When-To-Stop; Priyadarsan. Who else? He's here with two movies and I wish God would be ok if I'm having all these very angry emotions at him. He's lifted from one of Malayalam's classy comic movies of all times and made it into a laughable [and not in a positive way] affair called Khatta Meetha. And I can't think of enough mean things to call him. Help?

Then the *&%&(())@@#%^^ lifts THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, PURE MOVIE I've seen in quite some time- "Children of Heaven" and makes it into "Bum Bum Bole". I wanna throw really heavy things at a wall right now. I'm just so annoyed! Why doesn't anyone ban him from making more movies? He used to be so talented and creative a decade back? Why's he so desperately pressing onto the Self-Destruct button? Why, oh why??

Was that tiring or what?
Now let's get on to the good movies list.
I Hate Luv Storys. No need for words! I'm not usually the cutesy-movie lover, but once in a while, I let myself be so. And this one deserves all my love. Yay for Imran and Sonam!
Aisha- whoa, have I been waiting for this one to hit the screens or what. Ever since I heard that a project on Jane Austen's vivacious Emma was in the talks and that the father-daighter duo of Anil-Sonam Kapoor would be taking up the plum roles; I was all HUZZAH! No Anil Kapoor to be seen, but I'm still hyper excited after watching the teaser. There's the indie movie prince Abhay Deol [more Huzzah!], Sonam Kapoor lookin' all superbly single and you-can't-get-me hotness oozing, good soundtrack used for teaser, great teaser itself!
There's Udaan that seems interesting from the promos and Lamha from acclaimed director Dholakia to look forward to too.
Almost forgot Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Is it good? Bad? Can't be sure from the teasers as yet. Music seems pretty good though!
Tere Bin Laden- . This one promises to be hilarious, and teaser itself put me in stitches Everyone listen up, presenting the BEST TEASER OF THE SEASON. Loved it to bits, shreds and every tiny-teensy-weensy pieces of it. Palindrome of a sentence eh? The concept had me at hello. It looks the kind of movie which would nicely fit into the shelf along with Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye and the likes. Only, this one seems a political satire, while the former was a social satire. And the first song Ulloo Da Pattha was veryy peppy. Visuals were fantastic and I give kudos to [was it?] Ali Zafar guy [is it?] for his honest-to-goodness Ulloo da Pattha portrayal. But the biggest cheer is reserved for the Osama Bin Laden doppelganger.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh Alice!

 I'd been waiting for the release of "Alice in Wonderland" by Tim Burton ever since that first trailer last year. Many reasons for the anticipation:
  1. Directed by Tim Burton! 'nuf said.
  2. If the trailer looks this amazing; how much more amazing will the movie be? Obvious answer!
  3. Most important reason; Johnny Depp
  4. The 'muchness' factor, of course!

Johnny Depp is hot in whatever avatar he takes on. How the hell was I to know I'd get a crazy, absurdly massive crush on Mad Hatter? of all characters in the whole story??!

I don't have to gush about Tim Burton's direction since it's a universally known fact that he is sui generis. And all the three movies of his that I've watched include Johnny Depp. Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now Alice in Wonderland. Maybe I'm not the only one with infatuations…

Warning: Anyone who hasn't watched the movie, and thus detests spoilers ought to run now when there still is the opportunity. You stand warned: This post is spoiler-rich!

Synopsis: The movie deals with Alice post her trip to the what-she-calls "Wonderland". She's now all of 20 and about to be proposed by a lousy, spineless Lord. The girl has one, single recurring nightmare; she's falling down, and down and down a hole with no end…and the rest-as-you-know.

So was that trip to Wonderland just a dream? [or nightmare, if you please] Or reality? What if Alice returned to that place after a long time? As in, now?

General Gushing: The movie is story-telling at its best. Just anyone can re-tell a well known fairy-tale. But it takes a really good imagination to unravel the story's fabric and sew it in a new manner, starting from the basics. Lovely. If this movie were a human, I'd have proposed marriage to it by now. Of course, kidding. But just so that I can tell you how much I loved the movie in its entirety. The direction, script, cinematography, lighting, animation, casting…the Everythingness of it! Or should I say, the muchness!

Things I loved:
  • So at long last we get it. A reluctant heroine! All the movies we have been through so far, have had reluctant men transforming into heroes. And here comes along imaginative, reluctant, "I'm-not-that-Alice!"-Alice who finally realizes that this isn't a dream after all.
  • The reading in-between the lines done by the movie.
  • There are quite a lot of parallels drawn across people in her "real world" and "that other world". I'm not even that mean as to chalk 'em all out and ruin the fun for ya. Watch the movie closely and discover for yourself. Mind you, you won't hate doing that.
  • And you won't hate observing this movie closely because there are possibly hundreds of subtle hints, truths, facts strewn across it. The movie is wonderfully chiseled and very subtle in telling us things. Subtlety is one of its strong points.
  • The innocent touch of humor in almost every frame. It's not slapstick, though some may argue about Mad Hatter being Mad Hatter being slapstick. And I say, Not!
  • How could you not love the cast? From little Alice to the adult Alice, from Mad Hatter [miiiiiine!] to the Cheshire Cat, everyone's perfect for their role. Or maybe, that's because of the flexibility of all these actors. I didn't mention the Queens since they need separate gushing. Johnny Depp/ Mad Hatter would demand a whole post on my part; but I'll skip that.
  • Helen Bonham Carter is so honest to her character that at times you forget that she's actually quite a good-looking actress and not bulbous-headed dictator of a Queen as she's portraying. She was so good as Bellatrix in HP5 that I couldn't help hating her with all my heart. She is that good. Here, the way she simpers at Knave and frequently yells "Off with her/his/their head/s!!!" in that characteristic style, just blows me. Every time she does it, it blows me.
  • Anne Hathaway is the antithesis White Queen to her elder sister Red Queen Carter is just equally amazing. but while the Red Queen blows us with her freaky super ego and inferiority/ superiority complex, the White Queen makes us swoon with her sweetness, daintiness, innocence, goodness and a whole lot of positive  "–nesses". Even the way she walks. If it had been done by some one else, we had be saying "hypocrite". Here, you say, "awwwwww….she's so lovely and pure" Or maybe I'm just being partial to her because I was earlier on mind-blown by her acting prowess as displayed in the movie "Rachel Getting Married" [a must watch people].
  • The Futterwack!
  • Mad Hatter! Mad Hatter! Mad Hatter!! And on a different, less star-struck note, is Mad Hatter shown as a father-figure [but in reverse] to Alice as I think it is? I'll stick to this belief anyway. I don't need unnecessary competition from Alice!
  • I dig the British accent. And when they talk, all I can say is "MOAR, gimme MOAR!"
  • And how can I forget the scene where Hatter had to get all Captain Sparrrowesque and with just a little amount of smooth talk and swishing about, escapes execution by Red Queen, with Dormouse and all, very much unhurt. I couldn't help thinking- looks totally like a tribute to the loving memory of POTC!
  • So much more things I love and things I must have missed out to mention here. Forgive me.

For now, fairfarren y'all. Love ye!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Once Upon a time I was tagged..

Exactly, Bobby tagged me like, AGES back and I never got around to actually doing it. Now I've done it [phew!], and it ain't lookin' brief. It definitely looks more like an epic rather than a simple, fun tag. Whatev, here we go:

  1. I want to write a book and getitpublished. Yeah! No idea what I'll write about though.
  2. I like to sleep with my feet outside the bed. Call it acquired weirdness people, but during some recent phase of life I find that my feet hurt when they are IN bed.
  3. Sleep answering the phone and sleep deleting messages.
  4. I'm a scaredy-cat. I act strong but truth is, all it takes to give me the heebie-jeebies is the silliest tiny horror piece ever.
  5. A rejection phoebe. Most of my decisions regarding relationships come from this fear. I play safe. I just…can't…handle anyone saying anything that even remotely feels like rejection. It hurts like hell even after 10 years.
  6. The only reason why I'm still in orkut is the testimonial factor. And a certain Pinocchio who won't move to facebook. ;) [not yet!]
  7. Traveling.
  8. I wish I'd an elder brother.
  9. I'm all about jazz and indie music
  10. I………real……slow. freaks out family and friends every time. Without. Fail.
  11. I normally read my newspaper from back to front.
  12. One thing I have absolutely ZERO patience for is matters of heart. Of course, I'm sort of heartless bitch. No sympathy for heartbroken people, and when I have to console in the name of civilized society, I always overdo and make it look as if someone just died. Chances of me laughing at break ups are rather hiiiiiiiigh. If I were to be honest with you, I'd actually say, "s/he left? Good riddance!" tolja!
  13. ..and ZERO patience to cheating in exams when u could have studied. So DON'T you dare think I'm cool with you cheating. It's massively uncool.
  14. can't smile like normal people do. It always looks like a vampire fighting his urge to fly and murder [the photographer in this case]. I'm cool to smiling with friends for camera, but otherwise…
  15. Have given up swooning at guys unlike the rest of girls. There's so much more to do!
  16. I fantasize about what The Perfect Birthday Gifts should be.
  17. I've this thing for Darcy and Sirius Black. No, no Cullens though they're freakin' beautiful.
  18. I wish I could just live single my whole life. [wishful thinking, yeah, I know]. [and I guess I just repeated myself in the same tag]
  19. Two places and cultures I'm currently crazy about are Dilli and South Korea.
  20. Kind of on the un-feminine side. Yep, hates jewellery, fancy family events, can't stand love-sick people OR love-sick movies/ TV dramas etc etc. Didn't enjoy Twilight series once the initial attraction wore out.
  21. I wish to one day be a script writer. At least write one, absolutely beautiful script. The kind that India is yet to see. Yip, great ambitions bottled up in here!
  22. I mostly love to give up on family functions whenever possible because (i) almost everyone assembled is a hypocrite. (ii and most important) their lives revolve around marriages, upcoming marriages, and people who're yet to get married- which includes yours truly. And I can't stand to smile when I'd rather be swearing. Cousins are fun. Distant aunts et al suck!
  23. I oscillate between extremes. So much for being a supposedly balanced Libran!
  24. BTW, I don't believe in any sort of superstitious stuff. Though I think cracking knuckles to ward off "evil eye" is kinda cool!
  25. I seem to like kid stuff MORE than my kid sister even! Gah!

I'm sure that ONCE I've posted it, I'll remember a 100 other things I could've added. Those who liked the post ought to do it! No pressures, and oui, I'm breaking the tag-ritual.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things that caught my eye-

- while I was trippin' about with classmates in the capital city, when I was doing my internship and bleh.

The tree-top house behind the hostel where we stayed during internship. Wheee! I'm kinda a scaredy kitteh, so I stayed back and snapped pictures of the brave ones instead.

Crow makes for a more picturesque shot-somehow

Kovalam beach- evening- drizzling in the backdrop-and there were ice creams to go with the whole awesomeness.

Say it's pretty!

I wish I had photophopped that guy outta the pic- but too lazy. Anyways, I liked this sculpture like- a lot. Day dreamy,very.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Comback #999999111101 or something

Lord, do I make the highest number of comebacks or what? Anyway, here's what's been keeping me busy for the last 2 months: a departmental tour that lasted a week, internship in a no-internet zone for 3 weeks and then the bane of all students: The exams.

But now everything's over!!!!! I'm freeeeeeeeeee! and hold your breath, here it comes: I'm back!!!!!!!!!! [I can almost read the thoughts on the reader's mind: yeah, back again! and then everyone rolls their eyes at me]

Planning an avalanche of posts, so this post is more like a warning prior to the avalanche.

And have I told you? I love ye all! I've taken 4 books from library, and hopes to perform a much required CPR on my other blog. I know it's probably too late, but perhaps a miracle will help?

*Cheers  \m/