Thursday, June 17, 2010

Once Upon a time I was tagged..

Exactly, Bobby tagged me like, AGES back and I never got around to actually doing it. Now I've done it [phew!], and it ain't lookin' brief. It definitely looks more like an epic rather than a simple, fun tag. Whatev, here we go:

  1. I want to write a book and getitpublished. Yeah! No idea what I'll write about though.
  2. I like to sleep with my feet outside the bed. Call it acquired weirdness people, but during some recent phase of life I find that my feet hurt when they are IN bed.
  3. Sleep answering the phone and sleep deleting messages.
  4. I'm a scaredy-cat. I act strong but truth is, all it takes to give me the heebie-jeebies is the silliest tiny horror piece ever.
  5. A rejection phoebe. Most of my decisions regarding relationships come from this fear. I play safe. I just…can't…handle anyone saying anything that even remotely feels like rejection. It hurts like hell even after 10 years.
  6. The only reason why I'm still in orkut is the testimonial factor. And a certain Pinocchio who won't move to facebook. ;) [not yet!]
  7. Traveling.
  8. I wish I'd an elder brother.
  9. I'm all about jazz and indie music
  10. I………real……slow. freaks out family and friends every time. Without. Fail.
  11. I normally read my newspaper from back to front.
  12. One thing I have absolutely ZERO patience for is matters of heart. Of course, I'm sort of heartless bitch. No sympathy for heartbroken people, and when I have to console in the name of civilized society, I always overdo and make it look as if someone just died. Chances of me laughing at break ups are rather hiiiiiiiigh. If I were to be honest with you, I'd actually say, "s/he left? Good riddance!" tolja!
  13. ..and ZERO patience to cheating in exams when u could have studied. So DON'T you dare think I'm cool with you cheating. It's massively uncool.
  14. can't smile like normal people do. It always looks like a vampire fighting his urge to fly and murder [the photographer in this case]. I'm cool to smiling with friends for camera, but otherwise…
  15. Have given up swooning at guys unlike the rest of girls. There's so much more to do!
  16. I fantasize about what The Perfect Birthday Gifts should be.
  17. I've this thing for Darcy and Sirius Black. No, no Cullens though they're freakin' beautiful.
  18. I wish I could just live single my whole life. [wishful thinking, yeah, I know]. [and I guess I just repeated myself in the same tag]
  19. Two places and cultures I'm currently crazy about are Dilli and South Korea.
  20. Kind of on the un-feminine side. Yep, hates jewellery, fancy family events, can't stand love-sick people OR love-sick movies/ TV dramas etc etc. Didn't enjoy Twilight series once the initial attraction wore out.
  21. I wish to one day be a script writer. At least write one, absolutely beautiful script. The kind that India is yet to see. Yip, great ambitions bottled up in here!
  22. I mostly love to give up on family functions whenever possible because (i) almost everyone assembled is a hypocrite. (ii and most important) their lives revolve around marriages, upcoming marriages, and people who're yet to get married- which includes yours truly. And I can't stand to smile when I'd rather be swearing. Cousins are fun. Distant aunts et al suck!
  23. I oscillate between extremes. So much for being a supposedly balanced Libran!
  24. BTW, I don't believe in any sort of superstitious stuff. Though I think cracking knuckles to ward off "evil eye" is kinda cool!
  25. I seem to like kid stuff MORE than my kid sister even! Gah!

I'm sure that ONCE I've posted it, I'll remember a 100 other things I could've added. Those who liked the post ought to do it! No pressures, and oui, I'm breaking the tag-ritual.


eternalthinker said...

Similarities, Similarities, Similarities

Bluebutterfly said...

Gahhhh... I just checked twenty two points out of twenty five which is giving me like a major freak out.
I think it is like time you give me your mail id or something.

Anonymous said...

Good evening

Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it