Friday, July 22, 2016

This time, starting over.

This time, I hope it sticks.
This time, I want it to stick.
This time, I'm here to stay.
This time, I want to keep at it and not stray.

This blog,
All the words,
Every emotion and anecdote and thought
Scribbled or jotted in
Under my alter ego's name:

This time, I'm back.
And I don't want to ever leave.
This time, it's for real.
I hope my blog forgives me.

This random, lazy poem;
Is only so I can warm into the act.
This is only the launch pad;
Stepping stone;
Before I start to scream, and yell, and tell stories,
Like before.

This time, I'm writing for myself
Hello to any of the old followers who still remember.
Hello to anyone new who might have accidentally tripped over here.

This time,
I want to start with thank you.
To my beautiful, my own, my own, my own, blog.
To those who read and sent encouraging, cheerful thoughts.
To all the amazing friendships I made because of the blog,
Thank you because all of this has endured.
Love. Joy. Words. Pain. Life in General.
The words seem cliche in the line above.
It doesn't matter.

It matters that I've shared, and it has been a joy to share here.
This time, I'm back in this welcome space,
And I do not intend to leave.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Its your baby :)

Hello , from an old follower :)

Anonymous said...
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