Monday, December 31, 2012

For a good, clean, new year ahead

Hey all,
I know my posts are getting more and more sporadic patterned and I have only my own lazy ass to blame.

Anyway, like the rest of Indian bloggerverse, I wanted to share my grief on what happened to the girl on that fatal Delhi night. I realize it's a topic talked and talked about to the point of numbness.
So instead, I'm going to share an excerpt of a pdf I'm currently reading. It's about the migration that Prophet Muhammed {Peace be upon Him} and the community made 1434 years ago to escape from the torture and difficulties being meted to them back in their homeland.

Don't worry, it's NOT HISTORICAL, NOT RELIGIOUS. Mostly the following portion is about the importance about goodness of heart, walking the talk, being practical in faith and not just be preachy.

I just felt the need to share something good of heart, what after all that violence, tears and pain. I might do a post ruminating the rampant rape culture in India. But that's for next post.

For now this talks about five important things we should work on:

Faith: A weak faith is the first enemy of a prospect
immigrant. The first immigrants would have never left
all their possessions behind and migrated unless they
had faith as solid as mountains in God’s words and His
prophet’s leadership. Like them, we should work on
strengthening our faith to be able to pull away from
what God has forbidden.

Knowledge: Our second enemy on the path of Hijrah
is ignorance. Only with good knowledge could our faith
see us through the trials and tests of staying on the
straight path. This knowledge should not be limited to
religious information only, but should also include
modern sciences and arts, history, philosophy, world
news, other cultures and other religions. Muslims had a
glorious civilization only when they knew the true
meaning of knowledge.

Acts of worship: While migrating away
from what God has forbidden, we have to have a new
destination to migrate to, and that destination is
determined by the degree of our closeness to Him
through worship.

Desire: The Quran describes eloquently the different
types of human desire “nafs”, and it is the responsibility
of each of us to discover which type they belong to and
follow the Quranic wisdom on how to deal with its tricks.
Controlling one’s urges and desires is detrimental to how
much success in this life one achieves as a migrant to

Ethics : A person who is full of great concepts and no
deeds to prove it is a loser. Unless we can “walk the
talk” there would be no hope for us to strengthen our
will to reach our goals and our resistance to distractions.
And unless our Islamic ethical system is apparent
through our everyday behaviors and manners, there is
no hope for us to be true Muslims either according to the
Prophet’s hadith. For what good is it to veil,
pray and fast then steal, lie and gossip? When the Prophet begins
by describing a Muslim as someone who is well mannered, he is actually reminding us that Islam is a practical code of ethics not just a set of spiritual

That's it. I guess this isn't exactly a fun post to read through, but I just needed to do it. Like a note-to-self.

Hope we get to hear only good things next year. As impossible as it seems, at least we could contribute to lessening the evil, one person at a time.

Here's  to a glowy 2013! 
Bhagwan meri prarthana sune!


Viyoma said...

Awesome - amidst all the sadness and lull- there is always a hope.
Your positive post -comes as Silver Lining in the Cloud.

Great! Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

May this new year brings you lots of happiest moments..god bless you..

Jerly said...

2012 indeed ended with the realization that maybe the world did need to end. The extent of the rotting of ethics, humanity were all exposed. Even the kindest soul would understand why God throws some souls to the fires of Hell, why God may want to end his world.

There is a feeling of helplessness despite the uproar the country has raised.

I pray for hope and faith for this new year. A sign that water does clear best after once stirred to its muddiest. Hope it is darkest, because it is near dawn. A soul that schemed its own sacrifice to save humanity from any further fall and end of the world. God bless the soul with eternal peace and bliss

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