Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A thanks and about working too hard

This is to thank that very delightful friend, Nishi for that gorgeous header image.
Thank you! a helluva lot!!

On the other side, I'm having a mad time. Got chosen along with a friend to represent the college at the inter university level debate competition. Ah! I'm not that bad then,huh?
Problem is, whenever I'm assigned to work on something, I overdo it. The hard work I mean.

Here I am, the lazy bum who won't move from her place if she can help it-goes into transition mode whenever the moment calls for it.
Like when it was time to work on the research paper, I overexerted myself to the point of depression and fatigue.
Pssst, that's a secret I've guarded from the family and friends as a whole. Who would want a maniac around them?
I give up on sleep, fun and everything then and oscillate between extreme slothing and over-exerting. To the point of depression. It hurts, people. Like, one point comes when you are completely exhausted and you just sit and- cry or do weird things that's totally unlike me. Definitely embarrassing to be airing these facts in here, but I just needed to get this secret out of me.

But in the end, no matter what the end result is, I like the satisfaction I get from the perseverance and hard work I put in.
Sounds mighty weird coming from a uber-lazy person like me.
But it just goes to show I'm not what I seem!


J said...

debating....thats kewl.....
being lazy most of the times gives u the energy and motivation to go for the kill when something matters......
really, the result doesn't matter as long as u r satsfied that u hav put in ur best...

all the best...cheers!!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

the header is truly cool . btw was waiting for your post :)

hey its good to put in all the hardwork u can ,atleast then u have the satisfaction that u tried your best .

all the very best :)

Mohua said...

hey we two r so alike.. even i do d same.. bt its more for selfish reasons.. i m lazy when there's nothing to do, and super duper excited when there's something new to do just so that my conscience dsn't hurt that i didn't put in my best.. whether u r a hard worker or plain lucky or a born genius, its d result that matters..
best of luck for your debates..

Bluebutterfly said...

I LOVE the header.
its beautiful !
Its good, putting in teh effort atleast you dont have to deal with the regret.

Raveena said...

It's a very nice header! And a nice new makeover for the blog! :)

And hey, Hardwork always pays. That's why it's so hard!