Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why I used to heart PostSecret part II- and still do


The last 3 are from Feb 14/2011

But the gems like these seem to be lesser and lesser in frequency nowadays and it's more about pervy sex habits and infidelity that I get to see whenever I give the site a visit. But still, the last 3 were from yesterday's post. And I especially heart the last one since it's just so beautiful! I mean, the maturity in that relationship.

Have a lovely day y'all!
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Bluebutterfly said...

I know, when I look at youtube videos of Postsecret... I miss those real secrets..
Now, Frank has more unrelated stuff..
but there are a few gems every Sunday.. Love the ones you chose !

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love the one about making the worst coffee and drinking it...so sweet! I would do exactly the same for someone I love! xoxoxoo

Raveena said...

In a perfect white world, all this will hold everyday. But in a world that is filled with shades of grey, how many people are selfless and beautiful and giving? And how often do you live through the miseries believing that one day all the madness will make sense?