Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost... and still lost.

Of all the things I lost,
I miss these the most.


  1. The friend I lost to misunderstandings. This is actually a 3 month old post I had drafted. So the fifth thing is no longer valid. I made up with my buddy after 4 years of silence and misunderstandings. Phew! You ought to know broken and unsettled relationships are something I avoid like the plague. So cheers to myself on this victory!
  2. My college days as under-grad. Those were the days. Irresponsible, weirdness and spontaneity at its best. Kya din the! Kya zamaana tha! Everyone from Brennen I was friends with were of the same wavelength and eerily similar mind sets as me. In that sense, life sort of sucks at the moment.
  3. THE poetry book. The one with all manuscript poems of mine; Lost. I'd be insane to hope it would somehow, miraculously land back into my hands. :(
  4. KBS!! The Korean Broadcasting Service. The channel which blew my mind and forever changed my idea about South Korea. It was the only thing worth watching on my stingy Doordarshan DTH set. Last year March, they removed the channel 'cos apparently they couldn't pay the contractual fees because of the financial crisis. Daaaaammnnnnnnnn!! Don't they know there are at least 500 crazy nuts like myself in India who love everything about South Korea now thanks to KBS? Which other country has such an admirable number of hotties, great movies and tv shows and amazing music whcih gets lifted by the likes of Pritam? If you can hear me now, South Koreans, PLEAAAAAAASE make KBS come back on my telly!!!
  5. My black beaded bracelet- Can't decide which one I miss most. KBS? or the black bead bracelet which has remained on my mind so much especially since I haven't found another of it's kind. Here's snap I took ages before I lost it.
And here's for everyone's notice- If anyone can find me the very same kind of bracelet- I'm yours sir [or ma'am!]. I'll be yours forever, no strings attached; signed, sealed, delivered, totally yours! With all the annoying habits of mine, I'm yours for life. ok, if that sounds too daunting, at least this Valentine. Buy me that very bracelet people, I'm desperate!


The Wanderer said...

gimme ur address.

性感的我 said...

加油啦!要繼續發表好文章喔! ..................................................

My twisted logic said...

hi........i didn't know that Korean channels are available in our network.But its nice to know that,many folks here watches Korean channels.I have seen some Korean movies; its really good.

My twisted logic said...
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Matangi Mawley said...

:-) hee..hee! :) good list! n wow.. hey.. korean movies are fab! bt ya.. i didnt know tht we gt korean channels too!